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Top 10 Weight Loss Programs

Written by Andrew Le, MD

UpdatedFebruary 29, 2024

Losing weight and keeping it off is a constant struggle for many people. This journey begins with recognizing that finding an effective weight loss program is essential.

Structured weight loss programs can provide the guidance, accountability, and support needed to develop sustainable healthy habits. A 12-week study of one such program found participants lost an average of 3% body weight, with some losing 5% or more. Greater program engagement correlated with increased weight loss, particularly in men.

While results vary by individual, structured programs have proven effective for many looking to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.

In this article, we will present the top 10 best weight loss programs. We will discuss the features, pros, and cons of each to help you determine which may be the best fit for your needs and lifestyle.

The Importance of Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss programs play a crucial role in addressing the ongoing health challenges related to obesity and excess weight. Their significance extends beyond losing pounds; they encompass a holistic approach to better health and overall well-being.

Here are several vital reasons why weight loss programs are essential:

1. Health Benefits

The primary importance of weight loss programs is their potential to improve health significantly. Losing excess weight can reduce the risk of various obesity-related diseases, including:

Attaining a healthy weight improves quality of life and longevity.

2. Structured Guidance

Weight loss programs provide individuals with structured, evidence-based guidance on achieving their weight loss goals. These programs offer a clear roadmap for:

  • What to eat
  • How to exercise
  • How to address the behavioral aspects of eating

This structure can be invaluable for those who may not know where to start or need ongoing support.

3. Education

Weight loss programs often come with educational components that empower participants to make informed choices about their diet and exercise. These programs teach individuals about:

  • Proper nutrition
  • Portion control
  • Healthy cooking
  • Strategies to manage emotional eating and stress

This knowledge equips them with the necessary tools to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Moreover, according to the Institute of Medicine (US) Subcommittee on Military Weight Management, nutrition education imparts the scientific foundation of nutrition, enabling individuals to understand the concept of energy balance and make practical dietary changes.

It is a crucial component in helping individuals manage their weight effectively and make lasting lifestyle changes.

4. Behavioral Change

Successful weight loss is not solely about changing what you eat but also how you think about food. Weight loss programs address the psychological aspects of eating, helping individuals recognize their:

  • Eating habits
  • Emotional triggers
  • Strategies for healthier choices

This behavioral focus is critical for long-term success.

5. Accountability

Accountability is a driving force in weight loss programs. Participants benefit greatly from regular check-ins, support groups, or online communities. These tools help individuals stay on track and motivated, ensuring they adhere to their weight loss goals.

Moreover, the knowledge that others are on the same journey can provide a profound camaraderie and encouragement, further strengthening their commitment to the program.

6. Sustainable Habits

The importance of weight loss programs also lies in their emphasis on sustainable habits. While fad diets and quick fixes may offer rapid weight loss, they are rarely sustainable over the long term. Effective programs promote gradual, realistic changes that individuals can maintain for life.

One study suggests that habit-based interventions contribute to sustainable weight loss by offering practical and convenient approaches, emphasizing accountability, and providing indirect health benefits.

7. Customization

Weight loss programs can be customized to suit individual preferences and needs. This customization is crucial because what works for one person may not work for another.

By offering a variety of approaches, programs can help participants find the one that suits them best.

8. Support Networks

The sense of community and support provided by weight loss programs is invaluable. Many people find it challenging to lose weight independently, and having a group of like-minded individuals or a supportive coach can make a significant difference in their journey.

One study suggests that individuals participating in a weight loss program can positively influence the eating and exercise habits of their social support system (SSP).

Additionally, it emphasizes the potential for behavioral interventions to equip participants with knowledge and skills they can share with their SSP, ultimately enhancing weight loss outcomes for both participants and their support network.

This underscores the significance of involving social support systems in weight management efforts.

🎉 Fun Fact

Group weight loss sessions are more effective for people with obesity than one-on-one support. Recent research shows that group attendees receive more treatment time and are more likely to lose significant weight. Learn more in our article about the impact of support groups on weight loss.

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9. Disease Prevention

Beyond the benefits for those who are already overweight or obese, weight loss programs can also serve as preventive measures. By helping individuals maintain a healthy weight, these programs can reduce the likelihood of developing obesity-related diseases in the first place.

10. Long-Term Success

Weight loss programs focus on long-term success rather than quick fixes. They help individuals not only lose weight but also maintain that weight loss over time.

This is essential for preventing the cycle of yo-yo dieting, which can harm overall health.

Top 10 Weight Loss Programs

We recognize the significance of addressing weight management and understand that finding the right weight loss program can be a daunting task. To assist you in navigating this complex landscape, we've conducted extensive research and curated a list of the top weight loss programs available.

Our selection process thoroughly considers various criteria, including:

  • Program effectiveness
  • User reviews
  • Sustainability

Whether you're looking for a program to kickstart your weight loss journey or to maintain long-term success, you'll find our top picks below.

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Korb Health is a start-up from Austin, Texas that offers the most convenient and medically conservative GLP-1 weight loss service. Korb’s medical team, led by Dr. Scott Worrich MD, prescribes the lowest possible dose and slowly titrates upwards until the patient is losing the optimal amount of weight per week. According to Dr. Worrich, they have not had a single patient quit the program due to unwanted side effects. This is in stark contrast to other practices who increase the dosage of GLP-1 agonists quickly, optimizing for impact instead of safety.

In addition to GLP-1 agonist medications, Korb also offers:

  • Wellness coaching
  • Monthly telehealth visits
  • Additional wellness programs as add-ons


  • Low cost for both medication and telemedicine ($269 per month)
  • Medically conservative management
  • Strong safety track record
  • Wholistic approach including coaching and other wellness programs


  • Does not accept insurance
  • Relatively new entrant in the space

Noom is one the best weight loss programs for men and women because it prioritizes psychology and behavioral changes over restrictive eating. It offers a personalized approach based on your health history, goals, and personality. Noom uses a comprehensive onboarding process and a supportive community, making it effective for long-term success.

Among nearly 36,000 participants in one study, 77.9% using Noom lost weight in nine months, with 22.7% shedding over 10% of their body weight.

Noom's pricing ranges from $17.50 to $70 per month, depending on the chosen plan. This includes access to a personal health coach, recipes, weekly meal planning, and the Noom app for tracking various health metrics.


  • Holistic approach that focuses on lifestyle changes
  • Educational daily lessons
  • Supportive community
  • No food restrictions


  • Manual food tracking
  • Communication may feel impersonal
Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a weight loss program that promotes healthy eating habits and focuses on consuming a diet high in fiber, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. It encourages regular physical exercise and offers resources like a Food Journal, Quick Start Plan, and Menu Guide.

The diet consists of two phases: the first phase focuses on intensive dietary changes to initiate weight loss, while the second phase gradually leads to the desired weight.

The Mayo Clinic Diet offers membership for as little as $5 per week.


  • High in fiber, providing a feeling of fullness for longer
  • Reduced risk of chronic diseases
  • Encourages healthy eating habits


  • Discourages lifestyles such as eating while watching TV and eating out
  • Encourages the avoidance of frequent consumption of red meat and dairy products
  • Notable emphasis on moderation in enjoying tasty yet healthy meals
  • No associated nutrition counseling with a dietitian

Diet-to-Go is a meal delivery service that provides ready-to-eat meals designed for weight loss. With a focus on portion control and quality ingredients, the menu is created by dietitians to ensure you receive the nutrients you need while managing portion size. Diet-to-Go allows meal substitutions and caters to various dietary preferences.

Diet-to-Go’s pricing varies depending on the meal plan, ranging from $138.99 to $225.99 weekly.


  • Fits different dietary preferences
  • Health coaching with a registered dietitian
  • Convenient heat-and-eat meals


  • Rigid calorie counting
  • Limited customization for food allergies
  • Higher cost
WW (Weight Watchers)

Weight Watchers (WW) assigns points to food and tracks your daily point budget. It provides personalized food lists based on your preferences, with points calculated based on protein, fiber, fats, sugar, and calories. WW encourages a focus on healthier foods and offers support through workshops and community interactions.

One study suggests that WW is effective for weight loss due to clear evidence, extensive randomized trials, cost-effectiveness, reduced self-monitoring burden, and adaptability. A 3-country trial suggests it leads to more significant weight loss than a DIY approach.

WW’s pricing varies depending on the selected plan, with the core plan starting at $10 per month and the premium plan starting at $49.95 monthly.


  • Personalized programs
  • No forbidden foods
  • Support through workshops and coaches


  • Points tracking can be time-consuming
  • Focus on calorie restriction
  • Can be costly

Nutrisystem offers specialized plans for individuals 55 and older, emphasizing protein intake. The plans are designed to account for age, metabolism, and activity level, offering up to 30 grams of protein per meal.

According to a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Nutrisystem participants are likelier to lose weight in three months than those who receive weight loss education alone.

Nutrisystem’s pricing varies depending on the selected plan, with the Complete 55 plan starting at $12.82 per day and the Complete 55 for Men: Max Vitality plan starting at $14.65 per day.


  • Designed for seniors
  • High-protein meals
  • Ready-made frozen meals


  • No in-person support
  • Costly
  • Limited options for dietary preferences or allergies
Diet-to-Go Mediterranean

Diet-to-Go Mediterranean incorporates the principles of the Mediterranean diet to promote safe and sustainable weight loss. This plan is ideal for individuals with conditions like PCOS or chronic inflammation. Diet-to-Go's menu is created by nutritionists and dietitians to offer delicious food in controlled portions.

Diet-to-Go Mediterranean pricing ranges from $138.99 to $203.99 per week, with an additional $19.98 shipping fee.


  • Suitable for individuals with PCOS
  • Effective for weight loss and symptom reduction
  • Ready-to-eat meals


  • Not suitable for those with a history of eating disorders
  • Limited options for nut or seafood allergies
  • Quite costly
Diet-to-Go Balance-D

Diet-to-Go Balance-D aims to manage blood sugar, reduce heart disease risk, and support weight loss. The menu is created by dietitians and nutritionists, focusing on healthy, balanced meals while avoiding sweeteners and preservatives.

Diet-to-Go's meal plans, based on portion control and calorie restriction, can be effective for weight loss when followed correctly.

Diet-to-Go Balance-D pricing varies from $138.99 to $203.99 per week, with an additional $19.98 shipping fee.


  • Designed for individuals with diabetes
  • Focuses on controlling blood sugar and weight loss
  • Nutritionist-designed meals


  • Higher cost
  • Limited options for specific dietary preferences or food allergies

Future is a fitness app that offers personalized workout plans created by a personal trainer. It provides one-on-one support and accountability to help users reach their fitness and weight loss goals.

Future costs $149 per month, but there are often promotional deals. Currently, a one-month trial is available for $19.


  • Customized workout plans from a personal coach
  • Great for beginners and those who prefer home workouts
  • Ability to choose your own coach
  • Integration with smartwatches for tracking


  • Not suitable for those who prefer in-person workout instruction
  • Monthly costs can add up over time
  • Feedback from the coach is not in real-time
The Galveston Diet

The Galveston Diet is one of the best weight loss programs for women because it is designed specifically for menopausal women.

The program focuses on reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, and promoting fat burning by educating participants about optimal food choices for their bodies.

The diet offers unlimited access to informational videos, articles, and visual aids, allowing individuals to progress at their preferred pace. It also incorporates elements of intermittent fasting and encourages women to prioritize their wellness, which is often overlooked.


  • Tailored for women in menopause
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Provides a self-paced learning experience


  • Designed specifically for women in menopause, potentially limiting its suitability for other demographics
  • Incorporates elements of intermittent fasting, which may not be suitable for everyone
  • Individual results may vary based on adherence to the program

DoFasting is an app designed to assist users in practicing intermittent fasting. It offers personalized fasting schedules, meal recommendations, and access to healthy recipes to support weight loss and reduce inflammation.

DoFasting offers different subscription options, including a one-month plan for $37, a three-month plan for $16 per month, and a six-month plan for $11.50 per month.


  • Access to recipes for various dietary preferences
  • Algorithm-based nutrition tips
  • Health tracking and motivational challenges


  • No food or meal prep provided, only fasting guidance
  • No desktop version of the app

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Final Thoughts

Programs like Noom, Mayo Clinic Diet, WW, and Diet-to-Go rise to the top for their personalized approach, flexibility, and proven results.

Noom's psychology-based method, Mayo Clinic Diet's healthy eating focus, WW's community support, and Diet-to-Go's nutritionist-designed meals have shown success in helping people make sustainable lifestyle changes for weight loss and better health.

Choosing a program tailored to individual needs and preferences is key for long-term results.

FAQs on Weight Loss Programs

What is the 5-day drop program?

The 5 Day Drop is a 5-day reset program focused on improving gut health. It provides pre-portioned products and meal plans to optimize the gut-brain axis, reduce digestive bloating, and increase energy. The program claims to help people lose weight by reducing inflammation and optimizing gut bacteria over 5 days.

What is the number 1 way to lose weight?

The number one way to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit by eating less and moving more. A sustainable approach focuses on a modest calorie reduction of around 500 calories per day, increased physical activity, and developing habits like cooking at home and meal planning. Exercise helps burn additional calories and offers cardiovascular and mental health benefits. Losing weight at a slow and steady pace through dietary changes and exercise is the healthiest long-term approach.

Are weight loss programs covered by insurance?

Insurance coverage for weight loss programs varies. While the Affordable Care Act mandates some obesity-related services, coverage can be limited. Contact your insurer for details on your specific plan.

Do weight loss programs work?

Weight loss programs can work if they help you make lasting lifestyle changes. The most effective programs guide healthy eating, exercise, and behavior change over at least six months. Trained professionals lead them and aim to help you lose weight safely and keep it off. Success comes down to choosing a program that fits your needs and committing to long-term changes.

Illustration of a healthcare provider asking questions on a smart phone.
Virtual weight loss solution
A personalized GLP-1 medication program delivered to you via our partner Korb Health
Illustration of a healthcare provider asking questions on a smart phone.
  • Free consultation; program starts at $269/mo
  • Checkmark Inside Circle.Customized online program and wellness coaching
  • Prescription medications and supplies shipped to your door