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Employers love our digital navigation

We partner with brokers and consultants to connect Buoy with employers who want to give their employees a smarter and easier way to find the right care options.

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There’s a lot to love about Buoy

Our digital does it better
Buoy reaches individuals earlier than typical touchpoints in the care journey to influence health decisions when they matter most.
Vendor agnostic, payor integrated
Our unique relationships with payors makes contracting, billing, and implementation seamless.
All things considered
You're probably familiar with the “front door” of healthcare. Well, Buoy’s the “sidewalk”––where individuals can explore care options that are relevant to their situation.
Count on a range of resources for a compelling client pitch, including in-house case studies, white papers, and even a monthly newsletter.

Buoy for employers

Learn how Buoy helps employees and members get to the right care, right away.
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The experts approve

In addition to its HITRUST certification, Buoy is reviewed annually for safety and efficacy by Harvard Medical School and is JAMA-validated for its proven ability to de-escalate and reduce urgency.

Buoy’s virtual cocktail hour, The Buoy Buzz, is a zero-pressure way to become more familiar with the benefits of our digital navigation solution.

  • Participate in a cocktail/mocktail-making tutorial (supplies provided by Buoy)
  • Learn how to educate your team on Buoy’s navigation solution
  • Tap into proprietary research on trending employee health behaviors
  • Have a blast with your colleagues

Interested in throwing a Buoy Buzz event for your team? Submit your information below.

More about Buoy Health

Get to know us with videos by, well, us

The Buoy founding story
Learn more about where we came from  – and what we stand for.
What is AI?
Get an overview of Buoy's artificial intelligence and how it compares to others in the healthcare industry.
Our #1 priority
If it sounds serious, we'll tell you ASAP.
Accessing Buoy
Buoy exists to change the "Google habit". Here's how.
Questions? We're always here.

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