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Does your mom deserve an island but you can only afford a candle? We completely understand. Finding the perfect gifts for mom when you’re on a budget is a difficult task. But, according to a survey by Parents Magazine, what moms really want is more time to sleep and do the things they enjoy. That’s why we’ve created this list of free gifts for mom that save time and reduce stress.

Gifts for Mom that Save Time

1. Give Her a Personal Assistant

We all know that what Mom really needs is another her! Since we haven't figured out cloning yet, we've found the second best option: a personal assistant. How is this free? 24Me is a personal assistant that was created for busy moms by a busy mom. This app keeps a record of all your errands, meetings and notes. To make sure nothing gets forgotten it also automatically generates reminders. That means less time trying to remember if it’s pajama day at school and more time to sleep!

2. Personalized Workouts At Home

Just because you can't afford a personal trainer doesn't mean you can't help mom meet her fitness goals. Gift her with a great free at home workout app, SworkIt. With beginner to advanced workouts, the app covers a variety of fitness levels. On top of this, their five to seven-minute workouts are perfect for fitting in a workout during a time crunch.

3. Give Mom Her Much Needed Me-Time

All too frequently moms go without Me-time. Everyone enjoys having the time to sleep in, read a good book or even do chores alone. So, this year, give Mom that gift. Offer to babysit or get the kids out of the house for the day and encourage mom to make time for herself doing what she enjoys. A simple gift can go a long way!

4. Make Mornings Easier

From making lunches to finding a lost shoe, mornings with kids can be very stressful. Save mom time and energy with the Happy Kids Timer. Reminding kids to brush their teeth and make their beds this app turning morning rituals into a game with fun rewards. This encourages children to get up and start their day…without the help of mom! Ready to go kids is the gift that keeps on giving.

5. Do The Chores

Everyone loves to come home to a clean house but few love to clean, that’s where you come in! Whether you have a whole day or just an hour, doing you’re mom’s least favorite chores is an easy way to make sure she’s smiling. What can you do? Clean her car, weed the plants, or scrub the bathroom! If there are children still in the house you can also recommend the app Chore Monster. This app makes chores fun for kids which means less time spent on chores and more time for mom to relax!

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Gifts for Mom that Reduce Stress

6. Make an Awesome Spotify Playlist Just for Her

What doesn’t a great playlist make better? Household chores and daily tasks are always more fun when you can dance along to your favorite songs. And, music has been shown to reduce stress which is something everyone, especially moms, needs. Whether your Mom likes to listen to music while working out, taking a shower, or while on the road she’ll think of you, and your thoughtful gift, every time it plays. Even better, you’ll learn some insight into your Mom and may also discover that you have more in common than you thought!

7. Create a Memory Journal

We all love to look back on our favorite memories, moms included. Sometimes though, those memories get lost in boxes of photos or old Facebook albums. Take a day and go through all the old pictures of you and your mom. Whether you put them in a notebook or save them by creating an online scrapbook, mom will love being reminded of all the times you’ve been happy together. Make it even more special by promising to make even more joyful memories together doing mom’s favorite things. On stressful days mom can relax, look back at this journal, and remember that amid the chaos, memories are being made.

8. Show Her How to Find a Reliable Babysitter in Seconds

Imagine that it's finally date night; you've been looking forward to tonight for weeks, and…the babysitter just canceled. Everyone you know is booked up, so it's looking like you'll have to stay home and give up those concert tickets to your favorite band. Sound terrible?

Finding last minute last minute childcare on workdays or at at the last minute can cause tons of unnecessary stress and wasted time for moms. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of frantically texting your contact list download the UrbanSitter app, where you’ll find a list of reputable babysitters recommended by parents in the community. Usually, you'd have to call your neighbor for a babysitter recommendation, but now you can just check the app!

9. Disconnect & Go On An Adventure

Often we are so connected to our phones that we're distracted and not entirely in the moment. Give Mom the gift of your full attention by leaving phones behind and going to explore. Tailor your adventure to your mom's tastes. Does she enjoy the outdoors? Take her to her favorite park. Loves art? Find a new art gallery to go explore. Have friends she's rarely able to see? Plan a get together with her favorite pals. The possibilities are endless.

10. Give Mom an A.I. Health Assistant

Of course, we had to include ourselves in this list. Do you call your Mom every time you're sick? We know we do. Whether she spoils you with chicken soup and back rubs or just continually checks in, you know Mom spends countless hours worrying about your health and safety. Save her hours of worry by using us! Buoy is an A.I. health assistant that will let her know when it's okay to watch and wait or if it's time to tell you to head to the doctor. Not only will this give her peace of mind but save time but also avoid her unnecessary doctors trips.

We can also save Mom from something she does all too often, putting herself last. Sick days for moms are often spent pretending not to be sick. With all the responsibilities moms have, it's easy to overlook symptoms that may be harmful. Save mom from waiting too long for care by showing her how quick a two-minute interview can address her symptoms and your concerns.

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