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Power to the platform

When employees and their families have access to a health destination this comprehensive, this convenient, and this personalized, they’ll keep coming back.

Expect endless support from end to end
1. Get guidance
Through a back-and-forth chat, Buoy’s AI assesses symptoms and provides likely diagnoses paired with covered care options.
2. Get informed
Buoy is home to hundreds of articles on symptoms, conditions, drugs, and more, all written by medical experts.
3. Get care
Employees can browse care resources relevant to their health issues and covered by their benefits packages.
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Here's how Buoy can help

Get answers

Through AI-powered navigation, Buoy assesses symptoms and severity, then determines possible levels of care.

  • Capable of asking 30,000 questions
  • Designed to detect alarm scenarios
  • Assessment lasts 2 to 4 minutes

Get informed

By providing clear and useful information on symptoms, drugs, and more, Buoy helps people understand their options and decide on next steps.

  • Home to 900+ medical articles from expert clinicians
  • Articles undergo at least four rounds of reviews by Buoy doctors, specialists, illustrators and editors
  • Advertisements are totally banned from Buoy

Get care

Buoy’s navigation maps to available care options within a person’s benefits ecosystem.

  • 2,000+ care resources are already mapped, with unlimited more possible
  • Can handle both employer- and carrier-level resources
  • Care option comparison includes important details like hours, availability, and cost information

Product screens are for demonstration purposes only and any logos depicted within are examples. Product screens are subject to change as the UX evolves.

“Being able to give employees personalized recommendations for the right level of treatment is a significant benefit. And tying that into program recommendations is a really good value add for us.”

Janay Andrade, Director of Benefits and Executive/Physician Services, Houston Methodist