Symptoms G-L

General Abdominal Pain
General Anxiety (Stress)
General Numbness
General Pattern Hair Loss
General Weakness
Genital Numbness
Greasy Stool
Green Poop
Green Vaginal Discharge
Grinding Sensation in Shoulder
Groin Itch
Groin Lump
Groin Numbness
Groin Pain
Groin Redness
Gum Pain
Gum Swelling
Hamstring Pain
Hand Bump
Hand Itch
Hand Numbness
Hand Pain
Hand Redness
Hand Skin Changes
Hand Swelling
Hand Tingling
Hand Weakness
Hard Abdominal Lump
Hard Back Mass
Hard Breast Lump
Hard Chest Wall Lump
Hard Elbow Lump
Hard Foot Lump
Hard Forearm Lump
Hard Groin Lump
Hard Hip Lump
Hard Jaw Lump
Hard Knee Lump
Hard Lump in the Armpit
Hard Neck Lump
Hard Scalp Bump
Hard Stools
Hard Thigh Lump
Headache in the Forehead
Headache Near Both Temples
Headache Near One Temple
Headache That Worsens When Head Moves
Hearing Loss
Hearing Loss in One Ear
Hearing Voices
Heartbeat Sound in the Ear
Heat Intolerance
Heavy Menstrual Flow
Heel Pain
Hip Bump
Hip Itch
Hip Joint Stiffness
Hip Pain
Hip Pain From Overuse
Hip Pain That Shoots to the Knee
Hip Skin Changes
Hip Weakness
History of Headaches in Both Temples
History of Headaches Near One Temple
Hoarse Voice
Hot Flash
Hunched Shoulders
Imbalance or Floating Feeling
Incomplete Evacuation of Stools
Increased Burping
Increased Frequency of Defecation
Inflamed Groin Bump
Inner Cheek Pain
Involuntary Defecation
Involuntary Movements
Irregular Heart Beat
Irregular Period
Itch in Both Eyes
Itch in One Eye
Itchiness at the Tip of the Penis
Itchy Mouth
Itchy Rash
Jaw Clicking
Jaw Lump
Jaw Pain
Jaw Spasms
Jaw Stiffness
Joint Pain
Joint Stiffness
Joint Swelling
Knee Bump
Knee Instability
Knee Itch
Knee Locking
Knee Numbness
Knee Pain
Knee Redness
Knee Skin Changes
Knee Stiffness
Knee Tearing Sensation
Large Amount of Stool Change
Left Shoulder Numbness
Leg Skin Changes
Lesion on the Gums
Lesions on the Roof of the Mouth
Less Than Normal Urination
Light Red or Pink Bump on Skin
Light - Colored Stool
Limping on the Outside of the Foot
Lip Numbness
Lip Rash
Loss of Appetite
Loss of Armpit / Pubic Hair
Loss of Color in Parts of Your Skin
Loss of Interest in Things That Bring You Joy
Loss of Muscle Mass
Loss of Smell
Loss of Urge to Urinate
Loss of Vision in One Eye
Loss of Weight and Muscle Mass
Lower Back Pain
Lower Left Back Pain
Lower Leg Bump
Lower Leg Itch
Lower Leg Numbness
Lower Leg Pain
Lower Leg Redness
Lower Leg Swelling on Both Legs
Lower Right Back Pain
Lump Behind the Ear
Lump in Front of the Ear
Lump on One Side of the Groin
Lump on the Belly Button
Lump on the Lower Left Abdomen
Lump on the Lower Right Abdomen
Lump on the Upper Left Abdomen
Lump on the Upper Right Abdomen