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Mild Groin Swelling Checker

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Your Mild Groin Swelling May Also be Known as:
Crotch a little puffy
Crotch a little swollen
Crotch mildly puffy
Crotch mildly swollen
Crotch slightly puffy
Crotch slightly swollen
Groin a little puffy
Groin a little swollen
Groin mildly puffy
Groin mildly swollen

Top 3 Mild Groin Swelling Causes

  1. 1.Giant Cell Tumor

    A giant cell tumor (GCT) is a rare benign (non-cancerous) growth that generally occurs in adults between the ages of 20 to 40 years. Most of these tumors appear in the tips of long bones next to joints. GCTs appear on their own for no specific cause. The first symptom that they usually cause is pain.

    You should visit your primary care physician who will coordinate your care with a specialist. Surgery is needed to treat these tumors as they grow aggressively and risk destroying bone.

    Top Symptoms:
    spontaneous bone pain, pain in one knee, pain in one thigh, spontaneous hip pain
    Symptoms that always occur with giant cell tumor:
    spontaneous bone pain
    Primary care doctor

    Mild Groin Swelling Checker

    Take a quiz to find out why you’re having mild groin swelling.

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  2. 2.Femoral Stress Fracture

    A femoral stress fracture is a small crack in the thigh bone (femur). These fractures are most often a result of overuse and are commonly seen with an increase in activity. Stress fractures of the thigh bone are much less common than those of the shin bone (tibia), but nonetheless do occur in high-risk groups such as athletes and military recruits.

    You need to get your injury checked by a physician, sometimes a MRI scan is needed to confirm the diagnosis. It may be helpful to consult with a physical therapist as well. The treatment for a stress fracture involves avoiding repeated stress on the leg, which means cutting down on high-intensity activity. Exercise that puts less repeated stress on the leg, such as cycling or swimming, is recommended.

    Top Symptoms:
    dull, achy hip pain, pain in one thigh, thigh pain, spontaneous hip pain
    Primary care doctor
  3. 3.Pulmonary Embolism

    A pulmonary embolism is a sudden blockage in an artery in the lungs. It is a serious condition that can cause permanent damage to the affected lung, low oxygen levels in your blood, or damage to other organs in your body from not getting enough oxygen.

    Call 911 immediately. This is a medical emergency that requires immediate diagnosis and treatment.

    Top Symptoms:
    shortness of breath, cough, fever, being severely ill, wheezing
    Emergency medical service

Questions Your Doctor May Ask About Mild Groin Swelling

  • Q.How long has your groin been swollen?
  • Q.Is your groin swelling constant or come-and-go?
  • Q.Do your symptoms get worse when you exercise?
  • Q.Have you ever suffered from a stroke or TIA?

If you've answered yes to one or more of these questions, check our mild groin swelling symptom checker.

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Mild Groin Swelling Symptom Checker Statistics

  • People who have experienced mild groin swelling have also experienced:

    • 100% Upper Leg Pain
  • People who have experienced mild groin swelling had symptoms persist for:

    • 36% Less Than a Week
    • 23% Over a Month
    • 21% Less Than a Day
  • People who have experienced mild groin swelling were most often matched with:

    • 50% Giant Cell Tumor
    • 25% Femoral Stress Fracture
    • 25% Pulmonary Embolism
  • Source: Aggregated and anonymized results from visits to the Buoy AI health assistant (check it out by clicking on “Take Quiz”).

Mild Groin Swelling Checker

Take a quiz to find out why you’re having mild groin swelling.

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