Understand your illness or injury in minutes.

Learn about Buoy

Buoy is a new kind of health website.

Our experts have built technology that makes it easy to know what to do when you're sick. Buoy helps you understand what illnesses are most likely based on your symptoms and what treatment steps to take.

Then, Buoy connects you with the care you need. Buoy can help you find doctors nearby and even put you in touch with them.

What's making you sick, clearly explained.

Answer questions about your symptoms.

Buoy uses algorithms to analyze your symptoms in real time.

Learn what's making you sick.

Your personalized report helps you understand what's wrong and how to treat it.

Connect with care providers.

If you need care, seamlessly plan a visit to a doctor nearby or have your visit over the web.

Best for...

Conditions that are well tested

Cough, cold, & congestion

Stomach issues

Cuts & scrapes

Finger, foot, & ankle injuries

Head injuries

Better every day...

Conditions we keep improving

Bumps, lumps, & rashes

Chest pain

Joint pain


Coming next...

Conditions we plan to address soon

Animal bites & insect bites

Sports injuries

Our experts, powering your health.

Meet some of the bright minds behind our care technology.

Dr. Warner Slack

Professor of Medicine

Harvard University

Buoy Advisor

Dr. Ryan Adams

Professor of Computer Science

Harvard University

Buoy Advisor

Dr. Brad Crotty

Professor of Medicine

Harvard University

Buoy Advisor

Designed at the
Harvard Innovation Lab

Harvard Medical School Dean's Challenge

2016 US-China Health Summit
Winner of Innovation Forum

For the health of every person in the world.

We believe that creating technology with heart is how we challenge the status quo of global health. We set out to deliver sophisticated health technologies built for the individual, powered by data from the community, for the health of every person in the world.