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Cookie Policy

Effective Date: January 1, 2020

At Buoy Health, Inc. (“We,” “our,” or “Buoy”), we may use cookies and other similar technologies (collectively, “Cookies”) on our websites and the features therein (collectively, the “Site”) to improve performance of the Site and its features and to create a better user experience for you. This policy (the “Cookie Policy”) explains how we may use Cookies, as well as your right to control their use.

This Cookie Policy is effective as of the date listed above (the “Effective Date”). Buoy's previous Cookies Policy is available here.

Please read this Cookie Policy carefully.


Cookies are small text files that a website may store on your computer, tablet, or mobile device when you visit the site. They are designed to hold a small amount of data about your visit to the site. Cookies can be accessed via your device or through your web browser. The Cookies that we may use on our Site expire after two years.


Buoy may use different types of Cookies on our Site. More information about each type of Cookie we may use is below:

Essential Cookies. We use “Essential Cookies” to perform the essential functions associated with making our Site available to you. Without Essential Cookies, you would not be able to use the Site.

Analytics and Performance Cookies. We may use “Analytics and Performance Cookies” to collect information about traffic to our Site and monitor how our Site is being used. We also may use third-party analytics services for these purposes. The information that we collect enables us to provide you with a better user experience. For example, such information helps us find areas of our Site to improve or fix.

Retargeting Cookies. We may use “Retargeting Cookies” to advertise our services to you across third-party web sites (such advertisement, “Ad”). In this instance, when you visit part of our Site, we will place a Retargeting Cookie on your web browser. As a result, our Ad may be displayed to you as you view third-party web sites. If you do not wish to see Ads from Buoy, you can opt out. To learn more about Internet-based advertising, including how to opt out, visit the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.


If you would like to disable Cookies, you can do so by changing the settings on your browser. Check your browser’s support website for more information on how to disable Cookies in your browser. Once you disable Cookies, we will not be able to collect Cookies from you.

If you have any questions about how we use Cookies, please contact us at

Please note that email communications are not always secure. Please do not include health information or other sensitive information in your email to us.