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But first, privacy

And security. Two things we take very seriously.

Your information is safe with us

Every decision we make as a company is meant to empower the people using Buoy. This includes decisions about privacy and how we protect data. Know this: Buoy will not share personal information with third parties unless we are authorized to do so.

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If it sounds serious, we'll tell you right away

In an emergency situation, every second counts. Buoy is designed to recognize or rule out any chance of a life-threatening scenario based on the symptoms and risk factors you describe.

Buoy's algorithm is informed by medical models built and governed by our in-house team of doctors and clinicians.

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Buoy is HITRUST-certified, which means we meet the highest standards for healthcare information protection. Earning this certification isn't easy, but this is about safety, and only the best will do.

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