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We help people make the best decisions about their health

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When you see a system fail the people you love the most – that’s when it gets personal. We started Buoy to get rid of the barriers and biases that have left us all feeling helpless for far too long.

"I was struck by how many people came to the ER after searching online to self-assess, with that assessment being wrong a majority of the time."

Andrew Le, M.D., Buoy CEO and co-founder

You could say it started in the ER.

While our CEO, Andrew, was on rotation during his final year at Harvard Medical School, he saw first-hand how people were misinterpreting their symptoms based on information they had found online. The front door of healthcare, as it's called, was no longer the primary care physician. It was the internet, and it was leading people to make the wrong decisions about their health.

Rotations ended, Andrew took a sabbatical from med school, and that's when Buoy began. Our goal from the early days – to help make the US health system less complicated – hasn't changed. With technology and medical integrity both on our side, we'll continue to wipe out what's not working and reunite people with the clarity they deserve.

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