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A new kind of digital navigation

For employees, for their families, and (finally) for the times

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Other sectors have gotten smarter. Healthcare’s moment has finally arrived. Meet digital navigation that’s as intuitive and streamlined as everything else we’ve come to depend on in our lives.

Trusted by leading companies

Learn how Buoy can help you provide a benefits experience that:

  • Supports more employee subpopulations
  • Connects people to the right care for their needs
  • Cuts out the administrative burnout

Buoy makes benefits work harder

Engage before they enter the system

Buoy reaches individuals earlier than typical touchpoints in the care journey to influence health decisions when they matter most.

60 hours

sooner than when an individual would typically seek care

All the essential tools, all in one place

With Buoy, symptom checking, triage, care recommendations, and expert information are always at the ready. It's never been easier—or more convenient—for individuals to make sound health decisions.

The right care, not generic care

Leave the vague stuff to search engines. Buoy carefully considers the individual's unique situation to offer customized care recommendations.

Shoutout to your existing benefits

Looking to boost utilization? Buoy's user engagement and navigation capablities are designed to make the most of existing benefits ecosystems.


more utilization of Buoy than a typical nurse line

Reel in the spending

Not all aches and pains require ER visits. With proven care de-escalation, Buoy helps unnecessary claims go down and the savings go up.


of cases de-escalate after using Buoy (source: JAMA)

Source from JAMA

"Being able to give employees personalized recommendations for the right level of treatment is a significant benefit... And tying that into where to go was even better."

- Janay Andrade, Director of Benefits and Executive/Physician Services, Houston Methodist

Access a dedicated team instantly

From KPI tracking to sticky comms, we’ve got it handled.

  • Get your Buoy experience up and running in (basically) no time
  • Encourage engagement with Buoy through ready-to-go marketing materials
  • Understand how your population uses Buoy with regular reporting

Buoy in action

Did you know that 81% of employers will evaluate or purchase healthcare platforms in the next 12 months? Learn more about how employers are planning to support their workforce going into the next year.
In just 12 months with Buoy, Houston Methodist has seen significant impact across its workforce, from increased awareness of in-network services to savings through de-escalation of care. To find out how they did it, check out the full case study.
What people really need is an in-the-moment champion and guide to help them self-discover, find answers, and navigate to the right healthcare solution. Learn how Buoy is redesigning healthcare's "choice architecture" to prompt smarter decisions.

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