Healthcare is complicated. Make it simple.

Launch a benefit designed to reduce your costs and delight your employees

Here are a few ways you could engage your employees with Buoy's A.I. Health Assistant...

Guide employees to the appropriate benefit

Joe is a 45-year-old employee who has been dealing with lower back pain for 6 weeks. He's trying to determine if he should see a doctor about his lower back pain.

Joe visits Buoy, which his employer offers as a benefit, and rules out any serious symptoms. Buoy recommends that he use Hinge Health, a virtual physical therapy benefit offered by his employer, as the first step in managing his pain.

Eliminate unnecessary utilization with appropriate self-care

Joe’s 8-year-old daughter has been suffering from a bad cough. He is trying to decide if he needs to take off work to take her to the pediatrician.

He visits Buoy, which his employer offers as a benefit, and answers the questions relating to his daughter's symptoms. Buoy suggests her symptoms may indicate a viral bronchitis and that she can self-treat at home. Joe listens to Buoy’s suggestion and his daughter’s symptoms clear up within a few days.

Reduce non-emergent ER visits, lower your costs & guide employees to in-network care options

60-year-old Sharon is alarmed when she sees a raised red rash along her torso. First, she consults her employer benefit, Buoy, to help decide whether or not she needs to spend her afternoon at the ER.

Buoy suggests her symptoms may indicate shingles and that the ER is not necessary. Based on the advice, she decides to use telemedicine. After her video consultation with a doctor, she is diagnosed with shingles and prescribed appropriate mediciations, saving her time and money.

Personalized Healthcare for Each Employee

Each employee has a custom profile page that allows them to easily navigate their benefits. From using Buoy’s A.I. health assistant when sick, to navigating in-network care and benefit options to check-ins about past ailments -- Buoy is there with them every step of the way to make healthcare simple.

Explore a custom version of Buoy

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In healthcare, deciding what to do is the hardest part

Buoy makes deciding simple, by empowering your employees with actionable information about their symptoms the moment they get sick.

How? Buoy uses A.I. to chat with employees, much like a conversation with their favorite doctor. In 5 minutes, Buoy provides your employees with relevant medical information to help them make a decision about the benefit, service, or tool that's right for their unique situation.

Change behavior for the better

A.I. that cares

A digital health assistant that listens to employees and helps them answer, “what do I have?”

A Guiding Hand

Buoy helps your employees navigate the different health benefits, services & solutions you provide.

Intelligent Intervention

Over time, our A.I. begins to model when best to re-engage sick employees about a covered service.

Meet your dedicated customer success team

Our personalized customer success team will help you navigate the rollout process.

  1. We get to know you and your needs: your benefits, employee population and what is most important to you and your team.
  2. Customize and build: We customize Buoy for your employee experience, build messaging and communication plans and launch a product your employees are excited to use.
  3. Insights and reporting: We track success and send you relevant insights in easy, digestible formats.

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