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Diarrhea & Stool

If you’re spending too much time in the bathroom—from diarrhea or constipation—you know how important it is to keep your gut healthy. Before you need to go again, find the answer to your stomach woes.

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Diarrhea colors

Top 8 Causes of Mucousy Stools

While mucus in the stool is natural for the digestive process, conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease can cause unusual amounts to show up in your stool. Here’s how to tell when it’s worrisome—and how to treat it.
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Greasy Stool: Causes & Common Questions

Are you experiencing fatty stools that are hard to flush? Many of us suffer from greasy or fatty stools from time to time. However, persistent oily stool can point to a disorder in the gut, such as pancreatitis, IBS, or gallstones.
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