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From the pangs of hunger to a stomach ache to doubled-over cramping, the stomach sends a range of signals about its state of being. Yet, it’s often hard to pin down what is causing your symptoms. Is it indigestion, food poisoning, a stomach bug—or a more chronic condition?

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Heartburn: Know the Symptoms & How to Get Relief Fast

You feel a burning sensation in your chest. You sit up, and it seems to get better. But as soon as you lay back down, the pain comes back. You likely have heartburn. Heartburn occurs when stomach acid travels up into your esophagus and burns its lining.
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4 Causes of Black or Brown Vomit

Throwing up dark vomit is usually a sign you have internal bleeding or a serious infection, which are medical emergencies. Here’s what to look out for—and what to do.
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