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Upper Arm

Make a muscle: The upper arm is home to our biceps—the Popeye muscle. It’s where we get most of our arm power from and, not to mention, adds a bit of sex appeal.

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6 Causes of Itchy Armpits

Most of the time, itchy underarms are from something simple--deodorant you’re allergic to, soap that irritates your skin, or infected hair follicles. But it could also be a sign of a yeast or fungal infection.
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Upper Arm Bruise Causes & Treatment Options

A bruised upper arm can be painful and restrict your range of motion. The bruise is often purple or yellow, and often just needs time to heal. But sometimes there is an underlying cause.
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Causes of Numbness in One Arm

Numbness and tingling in one arm can be as harmless as your arm falling asleep. But it may signal something more serious, such as a stroke.
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Bicep Pain Symptoms, Causes & Common Questions

Understand your bicep pain symptoms with Buoy, including 4 causes and common questions concerning your bicep pain.
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