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Elderly Care

Older and wiser, yes, but aging also means experiencing more changes to your body. Stay as healthy as can be by learning about everything from new aches and strains to the common flu to chronic conditions.

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Pain Down Your Leg? It's Likely Coming From Your Back

Back pain that shoots down through the butt and to your leg is also called sciatica. It can be caused by damage to the disks, a narrowing of the spine, or other issues. Learn how to identify the causes and how to treat it.
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11 Causes of Hand Swelling

Swollen hands can be caused by arthritis, fluid retention or being overheated. It can be painful or make it difficult to hold objects and dot daily activities. Sometimes, it is a sign of underlying health issues.
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7 Reasons Why Both Shoulders Hurt

Poor posture, overuse, and injury can cause pain in both shoulders. You may notice it in your neck, too. Shoulder joints are very versatile, flexible, and mobile. This makes it easy for them to get strained. Pain can even be from another part of your body.
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Asthma vs COPD: Similarities and Differences

Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can both make it hard to breathe. They both block the flow of air, but not for the same reason. Understanding the differences between these two lung diseases can improve your treatment and outcome.
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