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From hearing the honking of a car horn to the sound of silence, the ear is one way we interact with the world. It is also critical to our balance. And a complex and delicate organ that needs to be protected throughout our life.

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Ménière’s Disease

Ménière's disease is an inner ear condition that can cause dizziness, vertigo, trouble with balance, ringing in the ear or hearing loss. Usually it only affects one ear. There’s no cure, but treatments can relieve symptoms.
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Relapsing Polychondritis

Relapsing polychondritis causes inflammation and deterioration of cartilage and other tissues, including the ears, nose, eyes, joints, and respiratory tract.
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Outer Ear Pain Causes & How to Treat Outer Ear Infections

Outer ear pain can most commonly be caused by environmental conditions such as water exposure or extreme cold weather that can lead to frostbite of the outer ear. Other causes for ear pain include irritation from obtrusive objects like cotton swabs or fingers.
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Hearing Loss in One Ear Symptoms, Causes & Common Questions

Understand your hearing loss in one ear symptoms, including 9 causes and common questions.
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Otitis Externa: How to Treat Swimmer’s Ear

Otitis externa (known as swimmer’s ear) is an infection in the outer ear canal, which causes inflammation, pain, and some temporary hearing loss. It’s easily treated when addressed early.
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Understanding Ear Canal Pain

An infection of your ear canal is called otitis externa or swimmer's ear. Learn about the symptoms of ear canal pain and why the inside of your ear hurts.
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