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Walking, running, jumping! Your legs—home to the longest bones and muscles in your body— keep you on the move.

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Are you noticing persistent weakness in your legs? Causes for leg weakness range in severity, so it's important to pay attention to your symptoms and talk to your doctor. Read more below to learn 9 possible reasons your legs feel weak and questions your doctor may ask to evaluate your condition.

Understand your limping symptoms with Buoy, including 10 causes and common questions concerning your limping.

Restless Legs Syndrome is a nervous system disorder that causes an uncomfortable sensation in your legs and an urge to move them to relieve the sensation. Lifestyle changes and medications can reduce symptoms.

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If you're having difficulty walking, it could be caused by a range of conditions, from those that affect your muscles and bones to ones that affect your nerves.

A Charley horse is a painful and uncontrollable muscle spasm in the legs or feet. Charley horses often last for a few seconds or minutes, but can last much longer and interfere with sleep or daily activities.

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When bacteria enters your body through a wound or during surgery, you may develop a bone infection. Certain conditions, such as diabetes, raise your risk of bone infections. Getting early treatment is crucial, since some bone infections can become life threatening.

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Leg cramps are painful muscle contractions in the calf muscles. Massage, gentle stretching, and ice can help them go away. But see a doctor if they don’t.