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Mental & Behavioral Health

Your emotional wellbeing and behavior affects every aspect of your life—personal happiness, relationships, and even work. Maintaining your mental health requires resilience, mindfulness, and—perhaps most important—getting help when you need it.

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The Causes of Aggression

Everyone becomes aggressive at times. However, in the setting of other physical symptoms or illness, aggressive tendencies can be representative of an illness.
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Is Stress Making You Sick? Learn the Symptoms & Ways to De-Stress

Feeling stressed? Learn the causes, symptoms, and ten easy ways to de-stress
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Borderline Personality Disorder: Diagnosis, Causes, & Treatment

Borderline personality disorder is a disorder that features unstable moods, behaviors, and relationships, and develops from many genetic and environmental factors.
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Holiday Blues: How to Cope with Your Stress & Anxiety

This article will review the symptoms, causes, and management of holiday blues. Symptoms include depression, anxiety, irritability, feelings of worry, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and sleep, appetite, or weight changes.
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