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Your tongue gives you the pleasure of taste, the gift of speech, and the intimacy of a kiss. But it can also be super sensitive if you bite your tongue or have a sore throat.

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Burning mouth syndrome causes burning pain anywhere in the mouth or on the lips. It also causes tingling, dry mouth, taste changes, and mood changes.

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A numb or tingling tongue can be related to tongue swelling, itching, and weakness. Tongue numbness is most commonly caused by an allergic reaction to foods or chemicals, low calcium levels, a bacterial infection like Lyme disease, or a neural condition.

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Swollen tongue can arise from inflammation from an infection, an allergic reaction, or trauma from biting, piercing, or dental irritation. Medications can also cause your tongue to swell.

Ludwig’s angina is a rare bacterial infection on the floor of the mouth. It causes your mouth to swell up and can make it hard to swallow, talk, and breathe. It may be caused by dental work or poor oral hygiene. Ludwig’s angina is a medical emergency.

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Oral thrush causes white patches on the inner cheeks and tongue, a feeling of having cotton inside your mouth, changes in taste, and pain with eating and swallowing.

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