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Symptom Checker

A new way to symptom search with next generation technology

Free, private and secure, Buoy checks your symptoms in combination with the latest medical information to offer you personalized information possible causes and treatments for your illness, and proactive next steps to seek care.

As the official screener for the state of MA and VA, Buoy helped than half a million people check symptoms and learn about testing.

"We found that the proportion of patients who were uncertain about the level of care decreased from 34% to 21% [after checking with Buoy AI Assistant]"

Published findings in a peer-reviewed JAMA paper

"In this data set of more than 150 000 patient interactions with an online triage tool, the urgency of patients’ intended level of care decreased in more than one-quarter of the cases and increased in approximately 1 in 20 cases, with the remaining patients remaining at the same level."


Learn how to use Buoy symptom checker

Chat with Buoy
Buoy listens to you, asking questions to better understand your concern.
Get answers
Buoy helps you make sense of your health concern and identify what’s wrong.
Form a plan
Buoy lets you know what to do next, guiding you to the right care.

Our symptom checker is based on thousands of research paper data points and offers you the most thorough experience yet.

There’s no denying that taking medical diagnosis into our hands is a growing trend. Buoy is here to help. Buoy’s tool is dedicated to helping you track down the root cause of symptoms you are experiencing.