Symptoms A-Z Sitemap


Pain Around the EyePain Around the Belly ButtonPain Behind the EarPain Below the RibsPain Between the Genitals and the AnusPain Between the 2nd and 3rd ToePain in the Pinky Side of the ForearmPain in One KneePain in the Upper ArmPain in the Middle of the FootPain in the Front of the ShoulderPain in Both HandsPain in One HamstringPain in Both CalvesPain in Both HipsPain in One ShinPain in Both Ear CanalsPain in One WristPain in the Back of the KneePain in the Back of the NeckPain in One ForearmPain in the Outside of the FootPain in One HandPain in Both AnklesPain in Both ThighsPain in One Shoulder BladePain in the Outside of the HipPain in One ArmPain in Both ElbowsPain in the Top of the FootPain in One FootPain in the Thumb Side of the ForearmPain in the Lower Left AbdomenPain in Both FeetPain in One BicepPain in One ArmpitPain in the Knuckle Closest to the PalmPain in Both ShouldersPain in One TesticlePain in the Inside of the ShinPain in the Outside of the AnklePain in the Outside of the KneePain in the Lower Wisdom ToothPain in the Lower Pre-molarPain in Both ForearmsPain in the Inside of the KneePain in the Front of the KneePain in the Roof of the MouthPain in the Outside of the ElbowPain in the Upper Right AbdomenPain in Both Shoulder BladesPain in One ElbowPain in One HipPain in Both BicepsPain in the Upper Wisdom ToothPain in the Front of the NeckPain in Both ShinsPain in One CalfPain in the Inside of the AnklePain in One Ear CanalPain in Both EyesPain in the Upper Left AbdomenPain in the Outside of the ShoulderPain in One ThighPain in the Lower Right AbdomenPain in the Sole of the Foot That Gets Worse in the MorningPain in One EyePain in the Sole of the FootPain in One AnklePain in Both WristsPain in Both TesticlesPain in the Middle Knuckle of the FingerPain in the Palm Side of the ForearmPain in One ShoulderPain in the Lower IncisorPain in Both KneesPain on One SidePain on One Side of the FacePain Over the Adam's ApplePain When Pressing on the ChestPain When Passing StoolsPain When Pressing on the ShinPain When Moving the EyePain with SwallowingPainful Abdominal LumpPainful Ankle LumpPainful Arm BumpPainful Armpit LumpPainful Back LumpPainful Breast LumpPainful Chest Wall LumpPainful EjaculationPainful Elbow LumpPainful ErectionPainful Foot LumpPainful Foot SwellingPainful Forearm LumpPainful Hip LumpPainful Jaw LumpPainful Knee LumpPainful Lump in One Side of the GroinPainful Mouth SorePainful Neck LumpPainful PeriodsPainful RashPainful Rectal BleedingPainful Scalp BumpPainful SexPainful Testicle LumpPainful Thigh LumpPainful UrinationPainless Arm BumpPainless Armpit LumpPainless Breast LumpPainless Chest Wall LumpPainless Elbow LumpPainless Forearm LumpPainless Groin LumpPainless Hand LumpPainless Lump in the KneePainless Neck LumpPainless Rectal BleedingPainless Scalp BumpPainless Thigh LumpPale FeetPale HandsPale SkinPale Skin Around the LipsPalm RashPeeling Between the ToesPelvis PainPenile RednessPenile Skin ChangesPenis ItchPenis LumpPenis NumbnessPenis PainPerineal NumbnessPersonality ChangePink or Red Ear BumpPink or Red Mass on HandPink or Red Forearm BumpPink or Red Groin BumpPink or Red Hip BumpPink or Red Arm BumpPink or Red Butt BumpPink or Red Elbow BumpPink or Red Armpit BumpPink or Red Lower Leg BumpPink or Red Abdominal BumpPink or Red Chest BumpPink or Red Knee BumpPink or Red Nose BumpPink or Red Shoulder BumpPink or Red Scalp BumpPink or Red Foot BumpPink or Red Back BumpPink or Red Facial BumpPink or Red Neck BumpPink or Red Ankle BumpPink or Red Upper Leg BumpPink/Blood-tinged UrinePop in the KneeProductive CoughProjectile VomitingPulsing Mass In-front of EarPus Leaking From the EarPus-colored Eye DischargePus-looking Fluid Leak From Where You Pee


Salt CravingScabbed Butt BumpScabbed Scalp BumpScalp BumpScalp ItchinessScalp PainScalp RednessScaly Elbow BumpScaly Hand BumpScaly RashScrotal ItchScrotal RashScrotal RednessSensation of Anal LumpSensitivity to LightSensitivity to NoiseSevere Abdominal PainSevere Ankle PainSevere Ankle SwellingSevere Back PainSevere Bicep PainSevere Breast PainSevere Ear Canal PainSevere Elbow PainSevere Eye ItchSevere Face SwellingSevere FatigueSevere Groin PainSevere HeadacheSevere Jaw PainSevere Jaw SwellingSevere Knee PainSevere Lower Leg SwellingSevere Mouth PainSevere Neck PainSevere Nose PainSevere Rib PainSevere Shin PainSevere Shoulder PainSevere Testicle PainSevere Testicle/Scrotum SwellingSevere Thigh PainSevere Thumb PainSevere Upper Leg PainSevere Upper Leg SwellingSevere Upper Arm PainSevere Vaginal PainSevere Wrist PainSharp Abdominal PainSharp Chest PainSharp Elbow PainSharp Hand PainSharp Knee PainSharp Lower Back PainSharp Pain When Passing StoolsSharp Rib PainSharp Thigh PainSharp Upper Back PainSharp Wrist PainSharp, Stabbing Foot PainShin ItchShin LumpShin PainShin Skin ChangesShin SwellingShortness of Breath on ExertionShortness of BreathShortness of Breath After a Few StairsShortness of Breath After 1 Flight of StairsShortness of Breath When Lying DownShoulder Blade PainShoulder BumpShoulder PainShoulder Pain That Gets Worse with MovementShoulder Pain That Shoots to the ArmShoulder PoppingShoulder Skin ChangesShoulder WeaknessSide PainSide Pain That Shoots to the Lower AbdomenSignificant Loss of Muscle Mass in the ArmsSignificant Loss of Muscle Mass in One ArmSinus PainSkin Changes on AnkleSkin Changes on ArmpitSkin Colored Mass on Lower LegSkin PeelingSkin That Is Darker Than It Used to BeSkin ThickeningSkin-colored Abdominal BumpSkin-colored Ankle BumpSkin-colored Armpit BumpSkin-colored Butt BumpSkin-colored Chest BumpSkin-colored Elbow BumpSkin-colored Facial BumpSkin-colored Foot BumpSkin-colored Forearm BumpSkin-colored Groin BumpSkin-colored Hand BumpSkin-colored Hip BumpSkin-colored Knee BumpSkin-colored Neck BumpSkin-colored Nose BumpSkin-colored Scalp BumpSkin-colored Shoulder MassSkin-colored Upper Leg BumpSleeping More Than UsualSlow Heart RateSlow Wound HealingSlurred SpeechSoft Abdominal LumpSoft Armpit LumpSoft Scalp LumpSore ThroatSores on the Inner LipSores on the Inner CheekSpontanenous Tooth PainSpontaneous Ankle PainSpontaneous Bone PainSpontaneous Mid Back PainSpontaneous Nose PainSpontaneous Rib PainSpontaneous Tailbone PainSpontaneous Testicle PainSpontaneous Toe PainSpontaneous Upper Back PainSticky EyelidsSticky Eyelids in the MorningStiff BackStiff NeckStiff ShoulderStomach BloatingStool in the VaginaStraining While Passing StoolSudden Urgency to UrinateSwelling Around the EyeSwelling Behind the EarsSwelling in One Lower LegSwelling of the Sole of the FootSwelling of One ForearmSwelling of One ArmSwelling of the Top of the FootSwelling of One ShoulderSwelling of the Eye AreaSwelling of One EyeSwelling of One FootSwelling of Both EyelidsSwelling of Both ArmsSwelling of One HandSwelling of Both HandsSwelling of One ThighSwelling of Both FeetSwelling of One WristSwelling of Both WristsSwelling of Both ShouldersSwelling of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th ToeSwelling of One EarSwelling of One HipSwelling of One EyelidSwelling of Both ThighsSwelling on Both Sides of the NoseSwelling on One Side of the ButtSwelling on Both Sides of the FaceSwelling on One Side of the FaceSwelling on the Lower LegSwollen AchillesSwollen AnkleSwollen AnklesSwollen BreastSwollen BreastsSwollen ButtSwollen CalfSwollen CalvesSwollen EarSwollen EarsSwollen ElbowSwollen EyelidSwollen FaceSwollen FingerSwollen FingersSwollen ForearmSwollen HandsSwollen HipSwollen Index FingerSwollen Inner AnkleSwollen JawSwollen KneeSwollen KneesSwollen LipsSwollen Lower LegSwollen MouthSwollen NeckSwollen NoseSwollen Outer AnkleSwollen PenisSwollen RectumSwollen ShoulderSwollen ThighSwollen ThumbSwollen ToesSwollen TongueSwollen Upper ArmSwollen UvulaSwollen WristSwollen, Red Tonsils