Symptoms A-Z

Abdomen Itch
Abdominal Bump
Abdominal Cramps (Stomach Cramps)
Abdominal Pain (Stomach Ache)
Abdominal Pain That Get Worse After Eating
Abdominal Pain That Gets Worse With Movement
Abdominal Pain That Improves After Passing Gas
Abdominal Pain That Shoots to the Lower Left Side
Abdominal Pain That Shoots to the Lower Right Side
Abdominal Redness
Abdominal Swelling
Achilles Tendon Pain
Altered Color Perception
Anal Itching
Anal Mucous Discharge
Ankle Bump
Ankle Itch
Ankle Numbness
Ankle Pain
Ankle Redness
Ankle Stiffness
Anxiety Attack
Anxiety Attack With Palpitations or a Racing Heart Beat
Anxiety Due to Certain Triggers
Anxiety in Public Places
Anxiety Resembling Obsessive - Compulsive Disorder
Anxiety When Doing Something in Front of a Group
Arm Weakness
Armpit Itch
Armpit Lump
Armpit Lumps
Armpit Pain
Armpit Redness
Asymmetrical Breasts
Asymmetrical Smile
Back Bump
Back Itch
Back of the Hand Swelling
Back Pain
Back Pain Affecting the Spine
Back Pain That Gets Worse When Straightening It
Back Pain That Shoots Down the Leg
Back Pain That Shoots to the Butt
Back Pain That Shoots to the Groin
Back Redness
Bad Smelling Urine
Bicep Pain
Big Toe Pain
Bilateral Eye Swelling
Bilateral Upper Leg Itch
Bilateral Upper Leg Swelling
Black or Brown Abdominal Bump
Black or Brown Armpit Bump
Black or Brown Butt Bump
Black or Brown Ear Bump
Black or Brown Foot Bump
Black or Brown Groin Bump
Black or Brown Knee Bump
Black or Brown Leg Bump
Black or Brown Scalp Bump
Black or Brown Upper Leg Bump
Black or Brown Vomit
Black Stool
Black - Colored Skin Changes
Bladder Spasms
Bleeding After Sex
Bleeding From the Ear
Bleeding Gums
Blister Filled With Clear Fluid
Bloody Diarrhea
Bloody Nose
Bloody Nose After Being Hit in the Nose
Bloody Vaginal Discharge
Blue Legs / Feet / Toes
Blue Skin
Blurry Vision
Breast Lump
Breast Pain
Breast Skin Changes
Breast Swelling
Bright Red (Bloody) Urine
Bright Red Skin Bump
Bright Red Skin Changes
Brittle Fingernails
Bruised Eye
Buckling Knee
Bump in or on the Nose
Bump on Outside Edge of Big Toe
Bump on the Bicep or Tricep
Burning Chest Pain
Burning Eye(s)
Burning Gum Pain
Burning Pain in the Roof of the Mouth
Burning Pain on the Outside of the Lips
Butt Bump
Butt Numbness
Butt Pain
Butt Skin Changes
Calf Lump
Calf Pain
Calf Skin Changes
Change in Urine Color
Changed Sense of Taste
Cheese - Like Vaginal Odor
Chest Bump
Chest Pain
Chest Pain That Gets Worse When Breathing or Coughing
Chest Redness
Chest Sticking Out at the Sternum
Chronically Bad Breath
Clear or White Eye Discharge
Clear Runny Nose
Clear Vaginal Discharge
Clear Vomit
Clear, Odorless Ear Discharge
Cloudy Urine
Coarse Hair
Cold Feet
Cold Fingers
Cold Hands
Cold Intolerance
Cold Skin
Cold Toe
Collarbone Pain
Constant But Weak Urination Stream
Cough With Bloody - Streaked Phlegm
Coughing Fits
Coughing Up a Little Fluid
Coughing Up a Lot of Fluid
Coughing Up a Watery Substance
Coughing Up Blood
Coughing Up Brown - Black Mucus
Coughing Up Green or Yellow Phlegm
Coughing With a Whooping Sound
Cracked Nipples
Cracks in or Between the Toes
Cut on the Finger
Dark Brown Stool
Dark Brown Urine
Darkened Skin on the Face
Darkened Skin Over the Neck
Darkened Skin Under the Armpit
Daytime Sleepiness
Decreased Exercise Tolerance
Decreased Sex Drive
Deep, Throbbing Hip Pain
Delayed Penis Growth
Depressed Mood
Diarrhea That Looks Like Mucus
Difficult Starting Urination Right Away
Difficulty Concentrating
Difficulty Falling Asleep
Difficulty Walking
Discharge From Both Eyes
Dizziness and Light - Headedness
Dizziness Made Worse by Moving the Head
Double Vision
Dribbling Urine Stream
Drooping Eyelid
Dry Cough
Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth
Dry Skin
Dry Skin on the Outside of the Vagina
Dry Skin on the Penis
Dry, Flaking Skin
Dull Abdominal Pain
Dull Elbow Pain
Dull Hand Pain
Dull Lower Back Pain
Dull Rib Pain
Dull Upper Back Pain
Dull, Achy Hip Pain
Dull, Achy Knee Pain
Dull, Achy Shin Pain
Dull, Achy Shoulder Pain
Dull, Achy Thigh Pain
Ear Canal Pain
Ear Discharge
Elbow Bump
Elbow Itch
Elbow Pain
Elbow Popping
Elbow Redness
Elbow Skin Changes
Elbow Tingling
Emotional Numbness
Enlargement of the Area in Front of Your Ear
Entry of Food and Liquids in the Airways
Excessive Sweating
Excessive Thirst
Expanding Warm and Red Foot Swelling
Explosive Stool
Eye Discharge
Eye Pain
Eye Redness
Eyelid Lump
Eyes Rolling Back While Passing Out
Face Itch
Face Pain
Face Tingling
Facial Bump
Facial Fullness or Pressure
Facial Numbness
Facial Redness
Fainting After Exertion
Fainting After Standing Up
Fast Heart Rate in Adults
Fat Pads on Top of the Collarbone
Fecal Urgency
Feeling Itchy or Tingling All Over
Feeling of a Lump in the Throat
Feeling of Fullness After a Meal
Feeling of Fullness Early in a Meal
Feeling of Needing to Constantly Pass Stool
Feeling of Not Getting Everything Out When Urinating
Feeling of Something Crawling on Head
Feeling of Something in the Eye
Female Urethral Discharge
Female Urethral Itchiness
Finger Bruise
Finger Dislocation at the Knuckle Connected to the Palm
Finger Joint Stiffness
Finger Pain
Fingernail Changes
Fingernail Pain
First Time Occurrence of Shortness - of - Breath
Flashing Lights in Vision
Flat, Black Rash
Flat, Blue / Purple Rash
Flat, Brown / Tan Rash
Floating Spots in Vision
Fluid Leaking
Foot Blister
Foot Bruise
Foot Bump
Foot Deformity
Foot Numbness
Foot or Toe Bruise
Foot Pain
Foot Peeling
Foot Redness
Foot Ulcer
Foot / Toe Itch
Forearm Bruise
Forearm Bump
Forearm Itch
Forearm Numbness
Forearm Pain
Forearm Pain Near the Elbow
Forearm Pain Near the Wrist
Forearm Redness
Foul Smelling Stool
Foul - Smelling Cough
Foul - Smelling Vaginal Odor
Frequent Mood Swings
Frequent Sneezing
Frequent Urination
Fruity Odor on Breath
General Abdominal Pain
General Anxiety (Stress)
General Numbness
General Pattern Hair Loss
General Weakness
Genital Numbness
Greasy Stool
Green Poop
Green Vaginal Discharge
Grinding Sensation in Shoulder
Groin Itch
Groin Lump
Groin Numbness
Groin Pain
Groin Redness
Gum Pain
Gum Swelling
Hamstring Pain
Hand Bump
Hand Itch
Hand Numbness
Hand Pain
Hand Redness
Hand Skin Changes
Hand Swelling
Hand Tingling
Hand Weakness
Hard Abdominal Lump
Hard Back Mass
Hard Breast Lump
Hard Chest Wall Lump
Hard Elbow Lump
Hard Foot Lump
Hard Forearm Lump
Hard Groin Lump
Hard Hip Lump
Hard Jaw Lump
Hard Knee Lump
Hard Lump in the Armpit
Hard Neck Lump
Hard Scalp Bump
Hard Stools
Hard Thigh Lump
Headache in the Forehead
Headache Near Both Temples
Headache Near One Temple
Headache That Worsens When Head Moves
Hearing Loss
Hearing Loss in One Ear
Hearing Voices
Heartbeat Sound in the Ear
Heat Intolerance
Heavy Menstrual Flow
Heel Pain
Hip Bump
Hip Itch
Hip Joint Stiffness
Hip Pain
Hip Pain From Overuse
Hip Pain That Shoots to the Knee
Hip Skin Changes
Hip Weakness
History of Headaches in Both Temples
History of Headaches Near One Temple
Hoarse Voice
Hot Flash
Hunched Shoulders
Imbalance or Floating Feeling
Incomplete Evacuation of Stools
Increased Burping
Increased Frequency of Defecation
Inflamed Groin Bump
Inner Cheek Pain
Involuntary Defecation
Involuntary Movements
Irregular Heart Beat
Irregular Period
Itch in Both Eyes
Itch in One Eye
Itchiness at the Tip of the Penis
Itchy Mouth
Itchy Rash
Jaw Clicking
Jaw Lump
Jaw Pain
Jaw Spasms
Jaw Stiffness
Joint Pain
Joint Stiffness
Joint Swelling
Knee Bump
Knee Instability
Knee Itch
Knee Locking
Knee Numbness
Knee Pain
Knee Redness
Knee Skin Changes
Knee Stiffness
Knee Tearing Sensation
Large Amount of Stool Change
Left Shoulder Numbness
Leg Skin Changes
Lesion on the Gums
Lesions on the Roof of the Mouth
Less Than Normal Urination
Light Red or Pink Bump on Skin
Light - Colored Stool
Limping on the Outside of the Foot
Lip Numbness
Lip Rash
Loss of Appetite
Loss of Armpit / Pubic Hair
Loss of Color in Parts of Your Skin
Loss of Interest in Things That Bring You Joy
Loss of Muscle Mass
Loss of Smell
Loss of Urge to Urinate
Loss of Vision in One Eye
Loss of Weight and Muscle Mass
Lower Back Pain
Lower Left Back Pain
Lower Leg Bump
Lower Leg Itch
Lower Leg Numbness
Lower Leg Pain
Lower Leg Redness
Lower Leg Swelling on Both Legs
Lower Right Back Pain
Lump Behind the Ear
Lump in Front of the Ear
Lump on One Side of the Groin
Lump on the Belly Button
Lump on the Lower Left Abdomen
Lump on the Lower Right Abdomen
Lump on the Upper Left Abdomen
Lump on the Upper Right Abdomen
Male Pattern Baldness
Metallic / Garlic Taste in the Mouth
Mid Back Pain
Mid Spine Pain
Mild Abdominal Pain
Mild Chest Pain
Mild Ear Canal Pain
Mild Groin Pain
Mild Headache
Mild Jaw Pain
Mild Knee Pain
Mild Mouth Swelling
Mild Neck Swelling
Mild Nose Pain
Mild Pelvis Pain
Mild Penis Pain
Mild Rib Pain
Mild Scalp Swelling
Mild Shoulder Pain
Mild Sore Throat
Mild Testicle Pain
Mild Upper Arm Pain
Mild Upper Arm Swelling
Mild Vaginal Pain
Mild Wrist Pain
Milky Fluid Leaking From the Breast
Moderate Breast Pain
Moderate Chest Pain
Moderate Ear Canal Pain
Moderate Face Swelling
Moderate Groin Pain
Moderate Jaw Pain
Moderate Jaw Swelling
Moderate Knee Pain
Moderate Pelvis Pain
Moderate Penis Pain
Moderate Scalp Pain
Moderate Shin Pain
Moderate Testicle / Scrotum Pain
Moderate Thigh Pain
Moderate Thumb Pain
Moderate Upper Leg Pain
Moderate Wrist Pain
Molar Tooth Pain
Morning Eye Crust
Morning Joint Stiffness
Mouth Lesions
Mouth Numbness
Mouth Pain
Mouth Redness
Mouth Sore Resembling Oral Herpes
Mouth Sore With a Layer Covering It
Movable Abdominal Lump
Movable Hip Lump
Movable Scalp Bump
Movable Upper Arm Bump
Mucous Dripping in the Back of the Throat
Mucousy Stools
Mucousy Vaginal Discharge
Mucus - Looking Fluid Leak From Where You Pee
Muscle Aches
Muscle Aches All Over
Muscle Pain in the Upper Back
Muscle Stiffness / Rigidity
Muscle Tension
Nasal Ulcer
Nasal Voice
Neck Bump
Neck Itch
Neck Lump
Neck Pain Along the Lymph Nodes
Neck Pain on One Side
Neck Pain That Shoots to the Arm
Neck Pain When Bending the Head Forward
Neck Redness
Neck Swelling on Both Sides
Neck Swelling on One Side
Need to Strain When Urinating
Negative Body - Image Opinion
Neutral Colored Upper Arm Mass
New Headache
Night Sweats
Nipple Discharge
Nipple Inversion
Nipple Pain
Nose Bleed That Started Spontaneously
Nose Blister
Nose Bruise
Nose Itch
Nose Pain
Nose Redness
Numb Nose
Numbness in Both Hands
Numbness in Both Upper Arms
Numbness in One Foot
Numbness in One Hand
Numbness in One Thigh
Numbness in One Upper Arm
Numbness in the Big Toe Side of the Foot
Numbness in the Heel - Side of the Foot
Numbness in the Middle Part of the Foot
Numbness in the Pinky Toe Side of the Foot
Numbness in the Sole of the Foot
Numbness in the Top of the Foot
Numbness in Two Feet
Numbness on the Outside of the Thigh
Numerous Mouth Sores
One - Sided Genital Swelling
One - Sided Nose Swelling
One - Sided Testicle Swelling
Open Eyes While Unconscious
Oral Ulcer
Outer Ear Pain
Pain Around the Belly Button
Pain Around the Eye
Pain Behind the Ear
Pain Below the Ribs
Pain Between the 2nd and 3rd Toe
Pain Between the Genitals and the Anus
Pain in Both Ankles
Pain in Both Biceps
Pain in Both Calves
Pain in Both Ear Canals
Pain in Both Elbows
Pain in Both Eyes
Pain in Both Feet
Pain in Both Forearms
Pain in Both Hands
Pain in Both Hips
Pain in Both Knees
Pain in Both Shins
Pain in Both Shoulder Blades
Pain in Both Shoulders
Pain in Both Testicles
Pain in Both Thighs
Pain in Both Wrists
Pain in One Ankle
Pain in One Arm
Pain in One Armpit
Pain in One Bicep
Pain in One Calf
Pain in One Ear Canal
Pain in One Elbow
Pain in One Eye
Pain in One Foot
Pain in One Forearm
Pain in One Hamstring
Pain in One Hand
Pain in One Hip
Pain in One Knee
Pain in One Shin
Pain in One Shoulder
Pain in One Shoulder Blade
Pain in One Testicle
Pain in One Thigh
Pain in One Wrist
Pain in the Back of the Knee
Pain in the Back of the Neck
Pain in the Front of the Knee
Pain in the Front of the Neck
Pain in the Front of the Shoulder
Pain in the Inside of the Ankle
Pain in the Inside of the Knee
Pain in the Inside of the Shin
Pain in the Knuckle Closest to the Palm
Pain in the Lower Incisor
Pain in the Lower Left Abdomen
Pain in the Lower Pre - Molar
Pain in the Lower Right Abdomen
Pain in the Lower Wisdom Tooth
Pain in the Middle Knuckle of the Finger
Pain in the Middle of the Foot
Pain in the Outside of the Ankle
Pain in the Outside of the Elbow
Pain in the Outside of the Foot
Pain in the Outside of the Hip
Pain in the Outside of the Knee
Pain in the Outside of the Shoulder
Pain in the Palm Side of the Forearm
Pain in the Pinky Side of the Forearm
Pain in the Roof of the Mouth
Pain in the Sole of the Foot
Pain in the Sole of the Foot That Gets Worse in the Morning
Pain in the Thumb Side of the Forearm
Pain in the Top of the Foot
Pain in the Upper Arm
Pain in the Upper Left Abdomen
Pain in the Upper Right Abdomen
Pain in the Upper Wisdom Tooth
Pain on One Side
Pain on One Side of the Face
Pain Over the Adam's Apple
Pain When Moving the Eye
Pain When Passing Stools
Pain When Pressing on the Chest
Pain When Pressing on the Shin
Pain With Swallowing
Painful Abdominal Lump
Painful Ankle Lump
Painful Arm Bump
Painful Armpit Lump
Painful Back Lump
Painful Breast Lump
Painful Chest Wall Lump
Painful Ejaculation
Painful Elbow Lump
Painful Erection
Painful Foot Lump
Painful Foot Swelling
Painful Forearm Lump
Painful Hip Lump
Painful Jaw Lump
Painful Knee Lump
Painful Lump in One Side of the Groin
Painful Mouth Sore
Painful Neck Lump
Painful Periods
Painful Rash
Painful Rectal Bleeding
Painful Scalp Bump
Painful Sex
Painful Testicle Lump
Painful Thigh Lump
Painful Urination
Painless Arm Bump
Painless Armpit Lump
Painless Breast Lump
Painless Chest Wall Lump
Painless Elbow Lump
Painless Forearm Lump
Painless Groin Lump
Painless Hand Lump
Painless Lump in the Knee
Painless Neck Lump
Painless Rectal Bleeding
Painless Scalp Bump
Painless Thigh Lump
Pale Feet
Pale Hands
Pale Skin
Pale Skin Around the Lips
Palm Rash
Peeling Between the Toes
Pelvis Pain
Penile Redness
Penile Skin Changes
Penis Itch
Penis Lump
Penis Numbness
Penis Pain
Perineal Numbness
Personality Change
Pink or Red Abdominal Bump
Pink or Red Ankle Bump
Pink or Red Arm Bump
Pink or Red Armpit Bump
Pink or Red Back Bump
Pink or Red Butt Bump
Pink or Red Chest Bump
Pink or Red Ear Bump
Pink or Red Elbow Bump
Pink or Red Facial Bump
Pink or Red Foot Bump
Pink or Red Forearm Bump
Pink or Red Groin Bump
Pink or Red Hip Bump
Pink or Red Knee Bump
Pink or Red Lower Leg Bump
Pink or Red Mass on Hand
Pink or Red Neck Bump
Pink or Red Nose Bump
Pink or Red Scalp Bump
Pink or Red Shoulder Bump
Pink or Red Upper Leg Bump
Pink / Blood - Tinged Urine
Pop in the Knee
Productive Cough
Projectile Vomiting
Pulsing Mass in - Front of Ear
Pus Leaking From the Ear
Pus - Colored Eye Discharge
Pus - Looking Fluid Leak From Where You Pee
Racing Heart Beat
Rapid Weight Gain
Rapid Weight Loss
Rapid, Deep Breaths
Rash on One Lower Leg
Rash on the Both Lower Legs
Rash With Bumps or Blisters
Recent Injury From Bracing a Fall With the Hands
Rectal Bleeding
Rectal Pain
Red Palms
Red Rash
Red Skin Bump Larger Than 1 / 2 Cm in Diameter
Red Spots in the Mouth
Red Stool
Red - Colored Skin Changes
Redness Around the Eye
Redness at the Tip of the Penis
Repeat Occurrence of Shortness - of - Breath
Restless Legs
Rib Pain
Rib Pain in the Mid Back
Rib Pain in the Upper Back
Rib Pain on Both Sides
Rib Pain on One Side
Rib Pain That Gets Worse When Breathing, Coughing, Sneezing, or Laughing
Right Shoulder Numbness
Ringing in the Ears
Runny Nose
Salt Craving
Scabbed Butt Bump
Scabbed Scalp Bump
Scalp Bump
Scalp Itchiness
Scalp Pain
Scalp Redness
Scaly Elbow Bump
Scaly Hand Bump
Scaly Rash
Scrotal Itch
Scrotal Rash
Scrotal Redness
Sensation of Anal Lump
Sensitivity to Light
Sensitivity to Noise
Severe Abdominal Pain
Severe Ankle Pain
Severe Ankle Swelling
Severe Back Pain
Severe Bicep Pain
Severe Breast Pain
Severe Ear Canal Pain
Severe Elbow Pain
Severe Eye Itch
Severe Face Swelling
Severe Fatigue
Severe Groin Pain
Severe Headache
Severe Jaw Pain
Severe Jaw Swelling
Severe Knee Pain
Severe Lower Leg Swelling
Severe Mouth Pain
Severe Neck Pain
Severe Nose Pain
Severe Rib Pain
Severe Shin Pain
Severe Shoulder Pain
Severe Testicle Pain
Severe Testicle / Scrotum Swelling
Severe Thigh Pain
Severe Thumb Pain
Severe Upper Arm Pain
Severe Upper Leg Pain
Severe Upper Leg Swelling
Severe Vaginal Pain
Severe Wrist Pain
Sharp Abdominal Pain
Sharp Chest Pain
Sharp Elbow Pain
Sharp Hand Pain
Sharp Knee Pain
Sharp Lower Back Pain
Sharp Pain When Passing Stools
Sharp Rib Pain
Sharp Thigh Pain
Sharp Upper Back Pain
Sharp Wrist Pain
Sharp, Stabbing Foot Pain
Shin Itch
Shin Lump
Shin Pain
Shin Skin Changes
Shin Swelling
Shortness of Breath
Shortness of Breath After 1 Flight of Stairs
Shortness of Breath After a Few Stairs
Shortness of Breath on Exertion
Shortness of Breath When Lying Down
Shoulder Blade Pain
Shoulder Bump
Shoulder Pain
Shoulder Pain That Gets Worse With Movement
Shoulder Pain That Shoots to the Arm
Shoulder Popping
Shoulder Skin Changes
Shoulder Weakness
Side Pain
Side Pain That Shoots to the Lower Abdomen
Significant Loss of Muscle Mass in One Arm
Significant Loss of Muscle Mass in the Arms
Sinus Pain
Skin Changes on Ankle
Skin Changes on Armpit
Skin Colored Mass on Lower Leg
Skin Peeling
Skin That Is Darker Than It Used to Be
Skin Thickening
Skin - Colored Abdominal Bump
Skin - Colored Ankle Bump
Skin - Colored Armpit Bump
Skin - Colored Butt Bump
Skin - Colored Chest Bump
Skin - Colored Elbow Bump
Skin - Colored Facial Bump
Skin - Colored Foot Bump
Skin - Colored Forearm Bump
Skin - Colored Groin Bump
Skin - Colored Hand Bump
Skin - Colored Hip Bump
Skin - Colored Knee Bump
Skin - Colored Neck Bump
Skin - Colored Nose Bump
Skin - Colored Scalp Bump
Skin - Colored Shoulder Mass
Skin - Colored Upper Leg Bump
Sleeping More Than Usual
Slow Heart Rate
Slow Wound Healing
Slurred Speech
Soft Abdominal Lump
Soft Armpit Lump
Soft Scalp Lump
Sore Throat
Sores on the Inner Cheek
Sores on the Inner Lip
Spontanenous Tooth Pain
Spontaneous Ankle Pain
Spontaneous Bone Pain
Spontaneous Mid Back Pain
Spontaneous Nose Pain
Spontaneous Rib Pain
Spontaneous Tailbone Pain
Spontaneous Testicle Pain
Spontaneous Toe Pain
Spontaneous Upper Back Pain
Sticky Eyelids
Sticky Eyelids in the Morning
Stiff Back
Stiff Neck
Stiff Shoulder
Stomach Bloating
Stool in the Vagina
Straining While Passing Stool
Sudden Urgency to Urinate
Swelling Around the Eye
Swelling Behind the Ears
Swelling in One Lower Leg
Swelling of Both Arms
Swelling of Both Eyelids
Swelling of Both Feet
Swelling of Both Hands
Swelling of Both Shoulders
Swelling of Both Thighs
Swelling of Both Wrists
Swelling of One Arm
Swelling of One Ear
Swelling of One Eye
Swelling of One Eyelid
Swelling of One Foot
Swelling of One Forearm
Swelling of One Hand
Swelling of One Hip
Swelling of One Shoulder
Swelling of One Thigh
Swelling of One Wrist
Swelling of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Toe
Swelling of the Eye Area
Swelling of the Sole of the Foot
Swelling of the Top of the Foot
Swelling on Both Sides of the Face
Swelling on Both Sides of the Nose
Swelling on One Side of the Butt
Swelling on One Side of the Face
Swelling on the Lower Leg
Swollen Achilles
Swollen Ankle
Swollen Ankles
Swollen Breast
Swollen Breasts
Swollen Butt
Swollen Calf
Swollen Calves
Swollen Ear
Swollen Ears
Swollen Elbow
Swollen Eyelid
Swollen Face
Swollen Finger
Swollen Fingers
Swollen Forearm
Swollen Hands
Swollen Hip
Swollen Index Finger
Swollen Inner Ankle
Swollen Jaw
Swollen Knee
Swollen Knees
Swollen Lips
Swollen Lower Leg
Swollen Mouth
Swollen Neck
Swollen Nose
Swollen Outer Ankle
Swollen Penis
Swollen Rectum
Swollen Shoulder
Swollen Thigh
Swollen Thumb
Swollen Toes
Swollen Tongue
Swollen Upper Arm
Swollen Uvula
Swollen Wrist
Swollen, Red Tonsils
Tailbone Pain
Tearing Pain When Passing Stools
Tearing Up in Both Eyes
Tendency to Bruise Easily
Tense Abdomen
Testicle Numbness
Testicle Pain
Testicular Lump
Testicular Swelling
Thick Cuticles
Thickened Skin on the Foot
Thickened Skin on the Palm of the Hand
Thickened Skin on the Sole of the Foot
Thickened Skin on the Top of the Foot
Thigh Numbness
Thigh Pain
Thigh Skin Changes
Thigh Weakness
Throat Clearing
Throbbing Headache
Thumb Numbness
Thumb Pain
Thumb Pain Near the Fingernail
Thunderclap Headache
Tibia Numbness
Tickle in Throat
Tight, Heavy, Squeezing Chest Pain
Tingling Foot
Tingling Forearm
Tingling Hip
Tingling Lower Leg
Tingling Upper Leg
Toe Bruise(s)
Toe Numbness
Toe Pain
Toe Redness
Toe Skin Changes
Toenail Pain
Tongue Numbness
Tongue Pain
Tongue Sore
Tooth Pain That Makes Chewing Difficult
Tricep Pain
Trouble Sleeping
Trouble Speaking
Trouble Swallowing
Turning Blue or Purple From Coldness
Twitching Eye(s)
Two - Sided Testicular Swelling
Uneven Swelling of the Tonsils
Unexplained Bruising
Unexplained / Excessive Bleeding From Cuts or Wounds
Unilateral Ear Itch
Unilateral Eyeball Swelling
Unilateral Upper Leg Swelling
Unintentional Weight Loss
Upper Arm Bruise
Upper Arm Itch
Upper Arm Pain
Upper Arm Redness
Upper Arm Tingling
Upper Arm Weakness
Upper Back Pain
Upper Back Pain That Shoots Down the Arm
Upper Leg Bump
Upper Leg Itch
Upper Leg Numbness
Upper Leg Pain
Upper Leg Redness
Upper Leg Swelling
Upper Spine Pain
Urine's Frothiness
Vagina Lump
Vaginal Bleeding
Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal Itch or Burning
Vaginal Pain
Vaginal Rash
Vaginal Swelling
Vertigo (Extreme Dizziness)
Vision Changes
Voice Change
Vomiting With Streaks of Blood
Vulvovaginal Odor
Vulvovaginal Redness
Waking Up Regularly to Pee at Night
Warm and Red Hand Swelling
Warm or Fluid Sensation in the Ear
Warm Red Foot Swelling
Wateriness in One Eye
Watery Diarrhea
Watery Fluid Leaking From the Breast
Waxy Ear Discharge
Weakness in Both Hands
Weakness in Both Upper Arms
Weakness in One Forearm
Weakness in One Hand
Weakness in One Lower Leg
Weakness in One Upper Arm
Weakness in One Upper Leg
Weakness of Both Legs
White or Clear Fluid Leaking From the Breast
White, Lacy Plaque on Tongue
White / Gray Vaginal Discharge
Whooshing Noises Inside Head
Wrist Injury
Wrist Itch
Wrist Lump
Wrist Pain
Wrist Skin Changes
Wrist Weakness
Yellow Fluid Leaking From the Breast
Yellow or White Ankle Bump
Yellow or White Butt Bump
Yellow or White Chest Bump
Yellow or White Ear Bump
Yellow or White Eye Bump
Yellow or White Foot Bump
Yellow or White Forearm Bump
Yellow or White Groin Bump
Yellow or White Hand Bump
Yellow or White Neck Bump
Yellow or White Scalp Bump
Yellow or White Upper Leg Bump
Yellow Pus Vaginal Discharge
Yellow Skin (Jaundice)
Yellow - Green Runny Nose
Yellow / Green Vomit