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Anxiety is a natural response to stress, but it can get in the way of your life and relationships, especially if you have panic attacks.

Irritability is defined as reacting strongly to stimuli that aren't worthy of that reaction. Characteristics include being easily annoyed & outbursts of rage.

An auditory hallucination is when you hear a voice, music, or other noise that other people do not hear. It is usually caused by a psychiatric illness like schizophrenia or dementia.

Understand your difficulty concentrating symptoms, including 8 causes and common questions.

A manic episode is a condition that causes symptoms such as elevated mood and excessive energy. The most common causes—bipolar disorder and substance and medication abuse—are both serious illnesses that require immediate medical attention.

When it comes to food, everyone has their likes and dislikes. But children and adults who only eat a few certain foods may be picky eaters. Children often outgrow this problem, but for some kids and adults, it may be a sign of an eating disorder or other conditions.

Everyone becomes aggressive at times. However, in the setting of other physical symptoms or illness, aggressive tendencies can be representative of an illness.

Changes in your personality is often thought of as a sign of a mental health condition, such as depression or bipolar disorder. But some physical illnesses can also alter your behavior, such as a urinary tract infection and dementia.

Tired of always waking up before your alarm goes off? There are several causes to consider, from stress and depression to breathing disorders.

Feeling numb can be very distressing. It’s usually caused by PTSD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other conditions.