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Last updated October 27, 2021

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Types of hemangiomas

Hemangiomas, including strawberry hemangiomas, port-wine stains, and salmon patches, are malformations of blood vessels that can occur in children.

  • Strawberry hemangiomas, also known as strawberry marks, are raised, reddish-white blemishes that can be very small or up to several inches in diameter. They can grow quickly in the first year of life. Most disappear within 5 years without treatment.
  • Port-wine stains are flat purple or dark red areas that grow with the child and persist into adulthood. They are rarely a problem except in some cases when they are found near the eyelid and forehead. Cosmetic treatment by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist may be possible when your child is older.
  • Salmon patches, also called stork bites, are small, flat patches of pink-red marks located primarily on the lower forehead, upper eyelids, and nape of the neck; they usually become less noticeable within the first year of life.
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