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  3. Thigh Nerve Issue (Meralgia Paresthetica)
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Thigh Nerve Issue (Meralgia Paresthetica)

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Last updated December 1, 2021

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What is meralgia paresthetica?

Meralgia paresthetica is a nerve condition that causes an area of skin over the upper outer thigh to feel numb, tingly, or painful. It is caused by compression of a nerve in the thigh known as the lateral cutaneous nerve. It is typically compressed as it passes underneath a tough fibrous ligament called the inguinal ligament.

Rarity: Rare


  • Pain in the outside of the hip
  • Pain in one thigh
  • Thigh numbness
  • Tingling upper leg
  • Hip numbness


You should see a doctor to confirm the diagnosis and discuss treatment options. Generally, this condition is treated with rest, physical therapy, pain medication, and occasionally corticosteroid injections.

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