Penis Lump Symptoms, Causes & Statistics

Finding bumps on the penis can be concerning and is commonly caused by genital warts or skin cysts on the penile shaft. Read below for more information on causes and how to treat a lump on the penis.

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2 Possible Penis Lump Causes

The list below shows results from the use of our quiz by Buoy users who experienced penis lump. This list does not constitute medical advice and may not accurately represent what you have.

Genital warts

Genital warts are one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. It is caused by infection by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). While it cannot be cured, treatment may help.

Rarity: Uncommon

Top Symptoms: small groin lump, skin-colored groin bump, marble sized groin lump, painless groin lump, scaly groin bump

Symptoms that always occur with genital warts: scaly groin bump

Urgency: Primary care doctor

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Skin cyst

A cyst is a small sac or lump, filled with fluid, air, fat, or other material, that begins to grow somewhere in the body for no apparent reason. A skin cyst is one that forms just beneath the skin.

It's believed that skin cysts form around trapped keratin cells – the cells that form the relatively tough outer layer of the skin.

These cysts are not contagious.

Anyone can get a skin cyst, but they are most common in those who are over age 18, have acne, or have injured the skin.

Symptoms include the appearance of a small, rounded lump under the skin. Cysts are normally painless unless infected, when they will be reddened and sore and contain pus.

Diagnosis is made through physical examination. A small cyst can be left alone, though if it is unsightly or large enough to interfere with movement it can be removed in a simple procedure done in a doctor's office. An infected cyst must be treated so that the infection does not spread.

Rarity: Common

Top Symptoms: skin-colored armpit bump, marble sized armpit lump, small armpit lump

Symptoms that always occur with skin cyst: skin-colored armpit bump

Urgency: Wait and watch

Real-life Stories

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Penis Lump Symptom Checker Statistics

People who have experienced penis lump have also experienced:

  • 10% Penile Skin Changes
  • 8% Penis Pain
  • 7% Penis Itch

People who have experienced penis lump were most often matched with:

  • 100% Genital Warts

People who have experienced penis lump had symptoms persist for:

  • 29% Less than a week
  • 28% Over a month
  • 18% Less than a day

Source: Aggregated and anonymized results from Buoy Assistant (a.k.a. the quiz).

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