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Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Overview

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Care Plan


First steps to consider

  • Discuss your drinking habits with people you trust to help you identify problematic drinking patterns.
  • Check online for a validated screening test for alcohol use disorder like AUDIT-C.

When you may need a provider

  • You screen positive for alcohol use disorder.
  • You or people in your life are concerned that your drinking pattern is problematic.
  • You feel in-person support and treatment may help you.

Emergency Care

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Go to the ER if you have any of these symptoms of a more serious condition:

  • Alcohol withdrawal, including visual hallucinations, seizures, severe confusion with agitation, racing heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, fever, and excessive sweating.
  • If you over consume alcohol to the point of having slurred speech, confusion, loss of consciousness, memory impairment, or difficulty walking, you are at risk for acute alcohol intoxication and should go to the ER.

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