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Top 10 Cat-Eye Glasses For Round Faces

Written by Andrew Le, MD

UpdatedFebruary 29, 2024

Many of us with round faces find it challenging to discover eyeglasses that fit well and look fantastic. The cat-eye frame, a symbol of elegance and style since the 1930s, often presents a particular challenge for us wanting to embrace its timeless appeal without accentuating the roundness of our faces.

Despite the evolution of cat-eye glasses to accommodate different facial shapes, we still struggle to find that perfect pair. This search can be frustrating and often makes us self-conscious about our appearance, leading to dissatisfaction with our eyewear choices.

In this article, we will guide you through the key features to consider when searching for glasses that fit round faces. We will list the top 10 cat-eye glasses for round faces and share tips on selecting glasses that fit your face size.

How Do I Know If I Have a Round Face Shape?


To determine a round face shape, we should look for several key characteristics that define this particular face shape. Here are the steps and features we should consider:

  • Soft Curves and Smooth Lines: A round face typically has a soft, circular form with a few sharp angles. The curves of our face are more pronounced, giving it a round appearance.
  • Full Cheeks: Fuller cheeks are one of the most distinctive features of a round face. The cheeks are usually the widest part of the face, contributing to its roundness.
  • Cheekbones: While the cheekbones might be well-defined, they are not the most protruding part of the face. Instead, they contribute to the face's overall roundness.
  • Jaw and Forehead Width: In a round face, the jaw and forehead will have roughly the same width, further enhancing the circular appearance of the face. The jawline is rounded with few angles, and the forehead is wide but not sharply defined or angular.
  • Rounded Chin: The chin typically has a rounded shape without prominent points or angularity. This contributes to the overall softness and roundness of the face.

To figure out our face shape, we can take these measurements:

  • Length: Measure from the top of our forehead to the bottom of our chin.
  • Forehead: Measure the widest part.
  • Cheekbones: Measure from one cheekbone to the other, across the nose.
  • Jawline: Measure from the bottom of our chin to where our ear starts at the jaw. Multiply this by two.

After measuring, we can compare our dimensions. A round face will have a similar cheekbone width and face length, with a rounded chin and fewer angular features.

Why Cat-Eye Glasses for Round Faces?


Cat-eye glasses are a popular style of frames with a unique upward flick at the temples. This shape is often compared to the captivating gaze of a feline, which is why they are called cat-eye glasses. These frames particularly benefit individuals with rounder faces, creating an optical illusion that elongates and slims the face.

The upswept design of the frames adds definition to the cheekbones. It highlights the upper portion of the face, drawing attention to the eyes. The angular contrast introduced by cat-eye frames can also make a round face appear more oval, which helps to balance facial proportions. If you have a rounder face, cat-eye eyeglasses are an excellent choice for achieving a stylish and flattering look.

💡Did You Know?

Cat-eye glasses
were invented in the late 1920s. Altina Schinasi created these glasses because she noticed that fashionable eyewear options for women were limited. She was inspired by the masks she saw in Venice, Italy, and designed glasses with a larger frame around the eyes. Many famous people, including Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid, have worn cat eyeglasses.

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Top 10 Cat-Eye Glasses for Round Faces

We have curated a list of the top 10 cat-eye glasses that are comfortable, stylish, and perfectly complement round face shapes. These frames are designed to elongate and balance your facial features, helping you look and feel your best. Whether you prefer a bold or subtle look, our guide has something for everyone.


The information and prices mentioned in this article are accurate as of the time of writing. These details may change over time due to market changes, product updates and availability, and other external influences. We recommend verifying any crucial information with relevant sources as fluctuations are possible.

Kate Spade Adrie Cat-Eye Glasses

The Kate Spade Adrie prescription glasses from Lensabl, starting at $195, are ideal for individuals with round faces. Crafted from durable plastic in a stylish Dark-Havana hue, these glasses offer a unisex design suitable for diverse preferences.

Featuring a size of 53-16-140, they cater to individuals seeking fashion and functionality. With a frame automatically claiming up to $150 in out-of-network reimbursement, these glasses are ideal for those with round faces, accentuating their features with the right balance of sophistication and charm.


  • Versatile frame color complements a wide range of skin tones.
  • Durable plastic material ensures long-lasting wear.
  • Free shipping adds value to the purchase.


  • The lack of adjustable nose pads may slightly limit customization for some users.
  • Limited frame color options restrict personalization.
  • Requires additional cost for lens customization and upgrades.
See prices for MMOWW Cat Eye Reading Glasses on Amazon

The MMOWW Cat Eye Reading Glasses, available for $18.99 for a pack of four, are ideal for individuals with round faces seeking style and functionality. These glasses not only serve as a fashionable accessory but also come equipped with blue light-blocking technology, which is crucial for those spending considerable time in front of screens. The variety pack ensures that users can match their glasses with different outfits or settings, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.


  • Four pairs offer great variety and value.
  • Fashionable design enhances appearance.
  • Blue light blocking for eye protection.


  • It may not fit all face shapes comfortably.
  • No mention of UV protection.
  • Some users may find them too bulky.
See prices for Konqkin Blue-Light Cat Eye Glasses on Amazon

The Konqkin Blue-Light Glasses are priced at $14.99, and they are a great choice for people with round faces who value both style and functionality. The cat-eye frame design adds a fashionable touch and complements the contours of round faces, enhancing their features. These glasses are durable TR90 material, feature adjustable temples, and blue light blocking. They are designed for prolonged screen time, providing both comfort and protection.


  • A fashionable cat-eye frame design enhances facial features.
  • Blue light-blocking technology reduces eye strain and fatigue.
  • Adjustable temples ensure a comfortable and secure fit.


  • Limited color options may not suit all preferences.
  • It may not provide a perfect fit for individuals with larger heads.
  • Some users may find the price slightly higher compared to similar products.
See prices for MORESHINE Cat-Eye Anti Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses on Amazon

The MORESHINE Cateye Anti Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses come in a pack of two are priced at $19.86. These glasses are perfect for people with round faces who want style and functionality.

They are made of high-quality plastic frames with metal hinges that are both durable and flexible. The unique cat-eye design adds a fashionable touch while blocking blue light and providing UV400 protection. This helps reduce eye strain and fatigue during prolonged screen time.


  • A stylish cat-eye design adds a fashionable touch to your look.
  • High-quality construction ensures durability and flexibility for long-term wear.
  • Effectively blocks blue light and provides UV400 protection, reducing eye strain and fatigue.


  • Some users may find the bridge tight, potentially causing discomfort during extended wear.
  • Frames are not adjustable, limiting customization for individual fit preferences.
  • The quality of frames may not meet some users' expectations, with flimsiness reports.


Prolonged use of digital devices can cause eye strain, affecting 70% of adults. Eye strain often occurs when your eyes become fatigued due to prolonged and intense use. Eye strain happens when your eyes become tired due to prolonged and intense use, usually due to prolonged visual focus on digital screens like computers, tablets, and smartphones. To help alleviate this problem, we have researched the market and identified the top 10 glasses designed to reduce eye strain in 2024.

See prices for MEETSUN Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses on Amazon

The MEETSUN Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses, priced at $16.99, stand out for their functionality and style, particularly for individuals with round faces. The cat-eye silhouette contrasts the softer, rounder facial features, creating an illusion of a more elongated face and adding an element of sophistication to the wearer's overall look.

These glasses filter blue light from screens, ideal for those spending long hours in front of digital devices, aiming to lessen eye strain and help improve sleep patterns.


  • Lightweight and durable metal frame for comfortable wear.
  • Fashionable cat-eye design enhances facial features.
  • Clear lenses minimize chromatic aberration for a high-definition visual experience.


  • Limited color options may not suit all preferences.
  • Metal frames may require careful handling to avoid bending.
  • Lenses popping out have been reported, indicating potential durability issues.
See prices for FEISEDY Women Cateye Blue Light Blocking Glasses on Amazon

The FEISEDY Women Cateye Blue Light Blocking Glasses are priced at $16.99, featuring a stylish cat-eye frame design that's not only retro and fashionable but also uniquely suited for individuals with round faces.

This specific shape helps to elongate and add definition to rounder facial features, creating a harmonious balance and enhancing visual appeal. With their exquisite color stitching design, these glasses blend functionality and fashion perfectly, making them an ideal accessory for digital device users and style enthusiasts.


  • Lightweight and comfortable for long wear.
  • Reduces glare and eye strain from screens.
  • It adds a fashionable touch to any outfit.


  • Limited color options may not suit all preferences.
  • The frame size might not fit all head shapes comfortably.
  • Durability concerns for daily, heavy use.
See prices for zeroUV Women's Retro Clear Lens Cat Eye Glasses on Amazon

The zeroUV Women's Retro Rhinestone Embellished Clear Lens Cat Eye Glasses, priced at $14.99, offers an excellent combination of style and functionality that perfectly suits individuals with round faces. Their 1950s retro cat-eye design elongates and adds definition to rounder facial features, creating a harmonious balance that accentuates the face's natural contours.

These glasses are more than just stylish, with blue light blocking and UV400 protection. They also shield your eyes from harmful rays, perfect for anyone wanting to mix health benefits with a classic look.


  • Enhances facial features for round faces.
  • Offers blue light and UV400 protection.
  • Durable design with secure rhinestone embellishments.


  • Limited color options are available.
  • It may be perceived as flimsy by some users.
  • No prescription option is directly available.
See prices for FEISEDY Blue Light Blocking Glasses Cat-eye Frame on Amazon

The FEISEDY Blue Light Blocking Glasses, priced at $19.99, is a stylish and functional choice for individuals with round faces. The cat-eye design of these glasses accentuates the facial features of those with rounder faces by adding angles and elongating the face, creating a balanced and elegant look. These glasses have special tech to protect your eyes from too much screen light, making them great for everyday use if you're often on computers or smartphones.


  • Flexible spring hinges accommodate various face sizes.
  • Lightweight and comfortable for extended wear.
  • Fashionable design that complements any outfit.


  • It is only available in a 52-millimeter lens width.
  • Color options may appear different in person.
  • The blue light-blocking film can be spotty on some units.
See prices for SOJOS Cat-Eye Anti Blue Light Blocking Glasses on Amazon

The SOJOS Cateye Anti Blue Light Blocking Glasses, available for $15.99, offer a stylish and practical solution for individuals with round faces. The distinctive cat-eye design sharpens the softer features of round faces, providing an elongating effect that brings a balanced harmony to the face's natural curves. These glasses are designed to reduce eyestrain from prolonged computer use, ensuring fashion and function for the modern, digital-age user.


  • Offers a unique fashion statement.
  • Suitable for various hairstyles and face shapes.
  • Enhances facial features aesthetically.


  • It may not fit perfectly on all face sizes.
  • Color may differ slightly from online images.
  • Durability could vary with daily use.
See prices for Cat Eye Reading Glasses for Women on Amazon

The GINGEREYE Cat Eye Reading Glasses, priced at $17.99 for a 2-pack, present an excellent blend of style, functionality, and affordability. Specifically designed for women, these glasses feature a cat-eye silhouette that flatters round faces by introducing angles and elongating the face, thus enhancing facial structure with a touch of vintage glamour.

Incorporating anti-blue light technology, they offer a fashionable accessory and a protective measure against digital eye strain, making them an ideal choice for those who spend considerable time in front of screens.


  • Provides a snug fit without tightness.
  • Blocks a significant portion of blue light.
  • Suitable for wide faces.


  • The size may be too large for some preferences.
  • Color options are limited.
  • Durability may vary with frequent use.

How To Choose The Right Cat-Eyeglasses For A Round Face

Choosing the right glasses for a round face involves selecting frames to enhance facial features, create balance, and add definition. Here are some tips for picking the perfect glasses for a round face:

  • Choose Thicker Frames: Thicker cat-eye frames can also be a good alternative for adding definition to a round face. The boldness of thicker frames can create a statement look that draws the eye upwards, enhancing facial features.
  • Select Frames Wider than Your Face: To create the illusion of a slimmer face, choose frames wider than the widest part of your face. This can help balance out the proportions of a round face, making it appear more oval.
  • Pay Attention to Color and Texture: Lighter colors and textures can add depth and interest to your glasses without overwhelming your face. Classic tortoiseshell designs, for example, can add a retro touch that complements round faces well.
  • Consider the Size: Oversized frames can be a great choice, but make sure they complement rather than dominate your face. Aim for a balance that enhances your features without overwhelming them.
  • Personal Style: Your glasses reflect your personal style and confidence. While following these guidelines can help you narrow your options, choosing frames that make you feel comfortable and confident in your skin is important.


Cat-eye glasses are an excellent choice for those with round faces, as they add angles and sharpness to the softness of the face. When selecting the right pair, it's essential to consider the frame's thickness, width, color, size, and personal style. Out of the top 10 cat-eye glasses for round faces, the MMOWW Cat Eye Reading Glasses stand out for their combination of fashion and functionality. With four pairs included in the set, they offer excellent value for money.

These glasses come with anti-blue light technology to shield your eyes from digital strain, perfect for long hours in front of screens. Their blue light-blocking capability is crucial for avoiding headaches, eye fatigue, and similar discomforts.

Plus, their fashionable design brings a unique flair to any look, making them a top pick for anyone aiming to stay chic and comfy during work or leisure reading. So, if you're looking for a stylish and practical pair of glasses to complement your round face, the MMOWW Cat Eye Reading Glasses are an excellent choice.

Illustration of a healthcare provider asking questions on a smart phone.
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Illustration of a healthcare provider asking questions on a smart phone.
  • Lens replacements starting at $77
  • Frames starting at $97
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FAQs On Cat-Eye Glasses For Round Faces

How do cat-eye glasses enhance the appearance of a round face?

Cat-eye glasses frames for round faces are designed to add angles and sharpness, contrasting with the softness of a round face. This creates a balanced look, making the face appear thinner and more defined.

Can men with round faces wear cat-eye glasses?

While traditionally, cat-eye glasses are more popular among women, men with round faces can also wear them. The key is to choose a frame that complements personal style and facial features, focusing on the shape that provides contrast and definition.

What are the best colors for cat-eye glasses frames for a round face?

For round faces, opting for cat eyeglasses in bold or dark colors can help add contrast and contour to the face. Classic black, deep browns, or vibrant colors that complement your skin tone are excellent choices.

Are there specific cat-eye glasses for round-face females recommended by fashion experts?

Fashion experts often recommend cat eyeglasses with a pronounced angular shape and minimal embellishments for round-face females. These features help to sharpen the soft features and add sophistication to the look.

Can oversized cat-eye glasses work for a round face?

If the proportions are balanced, oversized cat eyeglasses can work well for a round face. The oversized shape can make a stylish statement while enhancing facial features.