Our medical reviewers and writers

We’ve taken the time to recruit specialists with years of training to provide expert advice on the subjects they know best.

Representing a range of medical disciplines, they are committed to setting the highest standards for quality in their fields.

The medical advisory board

Buoy’s guidance is reinforced by a coalition of scientific, medical and health technology experts who provide strategic insight to help advance our clinical mission and vision.

Paul FarmerGlobal Health
Mark GraberPatient Safety
Christine CoteHealthcare Innovation
Helen RouthAI Innovation
Alex LeowPsychiatry and Bioengineering
Benjamin SchwartzOrthopedic Surgery

Standards worth standing by

Before medical information can appear on Buoy, it must undergo numerous rounds of reviews by our doctors, specialists, illustrators and award-winning editors. If any given piece of content doesn’t check out, it doesn’t go on Buoy.
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The writers and reviewers

They hail from a range of renowned medical groups and institutions from around the country. (We’re incredibly proud to call them collaborators.)

Jeffrey M. RothschildInternal Medicine
Bobbi WegnerClinical Health Psychology, Stress, Parenting/Modern Families
Serena DasaniAnesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Anubodh Sunny VarshneyCardiovascular Medicine, Internal Medicine
Shria KumarGastroenterology
Gerald SmetanaInternal Medicine and Primary Care
Ezekiel RichardsonEmergency Medicine
Amrita KhokharAllergy and Immunology
Petros EfthimiouRheumatology
Laura HagopianEmergency Medicine
Elise KangPediatrics
Jessica B. White-VideaObstetrics and Gynecology
Amy MoltenPediatrics
Sam KellyInternal Medicine
Bradley P. GrawOrthopedic Surgery
Edward J. BaeDermatology
Brian WalcottNeurosurgery
Daniel KingOncology
Jay PatelCardiology
William FixDermatology
Benjamin RanardPulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Lauren NadlerFamily Medicine
Renita KimObstetrics & Gynecology
Claudia Gambrah-LylesPediatric Neurology
Jesse PassmanGeneral Surgery
Bina ChoiPulmonary and Critical Care
Jack WilkinsonPsychiatry
Adam PontGastroenterology, Internal Medicine
Mina PirzadehInternal Medicine
Elliot SteinInternal Medicine
Ivy MainaOtolaryngology
Laura HenryOtolaryngology
Tim BeckerPsychiatry
Tom LiuInternal Medicine
Dorothy CharlesFamily Medicine
Emily MartinEmergency Medicine
Sarah YangPhysical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Daniel ChoiEmergency Medicine
Kathryn FongNeurology

Our scientific illustrators

Buoy's custom-drawn images come from scientific and medical illustration experts who've worked with a range of respected medical publications and institutions.